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Brandon Hensinger
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Brandon Hensinger
Philadelphia, PA United States
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Allentown, PA
United States
Contact Phone: 919-345-1087

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Brandon Hensinger
As a quadlingual, highly accomplished speaker, author of The Living Sales Manual and senior sales executive in the genetic and laboratory industry, I am a recognized authority in growing startups in the diagnostics and healthcare sector and excel in building extremely successful teams, and have designed global business models and channels for some of the worlds's most reputable genetic laboratories. 
I have led sales teams on every continent, and have helped countless people achieve success in life and sales that they never dreamed would be possible  Over many years, out of an almost mental breakdown from stress as a beginner sales person, I have developed a sales system to focus on living life and eliminating stress, in order to close more sales. I've used it for myself as well as to train the the sales people I've managed, and have seen great success as a result of it. 
I am most recently responsible for the introduction of Yikon Genomics' Non-Invasive PGS technology to the global market, in addition to connecting IVF physicians and pioneers in the IVF field, to create products and services that will allow more women globally to accomplish their goals of conception. I actively seek out innovators in the IVF world, with the aim of creating synergies across multiple companies.
I am highly skilled in conducting merger and acquisition due diligence. I am a recognized authority in growing startups in the diagnostics & healthcare sector and excel in building extremely successful teams and facilitating sales training programs, along with leading and management coaching programs. 
In addition to those things, I am married to the love of my life, have 3 kids, am a competitive triathlete, and accomplished rock climber. I have spoken on every continent at many events, and am fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and speak conversational Mandarin.