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Nancy Friedman -- Telephone Doctor
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Nancy Friedman -- Telephone Doctor
St. Louis, MO United States
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Contact Information
Nancy Friedman
St. Louis, MO
United States
Main Phone: 3142911012
Contact Phone: 314-291-1012
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Nancy Friedman -- Telephone Doctor

Nancy Friedman The Telephone Doctor, helps companies communicate better with their customers and coworkers.  

When Oprah, Fox News, CNN, The Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, KMOX, KCMO, WJAR, WCCO, WCBS, and a host of other radio & TV shows around the country need an EXPERT on Customer Service & Communication Skills, they call on Nancy Friedman, The Telephone Doctor. YOU SHOULD TOO! Nancy is internationally recognized as a leading authority of customer service, sales and communication skills. She is the author of 9 best-selling books and the featured spokesperson in the popular Telephone Doctor customer service programs, featured online at www.serviceskills.com  

She is a featured speaker at conferences and association conferences and meetings around the country. Check her out on www.nancyfriedman.com 

Nancy is lively, humorous and always asked back! Pick a topic on customer service, sales or communications and bring Nancy on.