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Patti Garibay -- American Heritage Girls
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Patti Garibay -- American Heritage Girls
Cincinnati, OH United States
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Jerry McGlothlin
Hickory, NC
United States
Contact Phone: 919-437-0001

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Patti Garibay with her husband are co-founders of American Heritage Girls, a wholesome scouting alternative for girls. Patti is a featured speaker nationally on the topic raising Godly girls (RGG). Along with her blog posts, Patti is a popular guest on talk shows on relevant girl-centric topics ranging from body image to bullying. 

In her upcoming autobiography, Patti gives readers a glimpse into her journey from the humble beginnings of American Heritage Girls around her kitchen table in Cincinnati, to where it is today, a formidable national organization offering a positive environment in a largely Godless culture. 

Patti Garibay is a living tribute to traditional values of old, offering an alternative to a lonesome online world. In Patti's word of American Heritage Girls, she delights in her mission to help raise Godly girls, helping girls make real friends, who really chat, who also happen to enjoy camping and other outdoor adventures in a real world.