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Mr. Pulak Sharma & Dr. Priyanka Sharma -- Kazmira -- The Cannabinoid Company
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Mr. Pulak Sharma & Dr. Priyanka Sharma -- Kazmira -- The Cannabinoid Company
Watkins, CO United States
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Pulak Sharma
Watkins, CO
United States
Contact Phone: 720-531-1634
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Pulak Sharma -- Kazirma
Cover Photo of Mr. Pulak & Dr. Priyanka Sharma from MJBiz Magazine Sep 2018
Kazmira 380K sq.ft. facility

We deliver medical grade, non-intoxicating cannabinoids with a commitment to consumer safety and clinical outcomes.

Cannabinoids are often stigmatized and labeled as a vice in many parts of the world. Our mission is to rewrite this narrative, using science to develop safe and effective cannabinoids and transform them into products of virtue.

We have a deep pipeline of efficacy-based Cannabidiol formulations for topical applications. In addition to topicals, our pipeline includes self-affirmed GRAS cannabinoid ingredients and other ingestible & inhalable formulations.

From its inception, Kazmira has been led by Mr. Pulak Sharma and Dr. Priyanka Sharma.

We are passionate about the world of cannabinoids and their potential. As Co-CEOs, the Sharma's share a unique vision for Kazmira to enable the transformation of vices into virtues. Their mix of backgrounds in oil & gas, consumer products and regulated products has given them a unique perspective on the future of stigmatized natural compounds to be transformed to products of Virtue, including Cannabinoids.

Mr. Pulak Sharma is the Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Kazmira. He is THE Cannabinoid Maverick and Champion for Industrial Hemp. Pulak leads the company in its infinite goal to enable greater access to Industrial Hemp derived Cannabinoids through deep science, policy and education. Before founding Kazmira, Pulak worked in Strategy & Business Development at 3M Corporation in Minnesota. In that role, Pulak worked with 3M executives on key projects ranging from tactical execution to developing a 5 year strategy for a business unit. Prior to 3M, he was in the oil & gas industry with UOP (a Honeywell company) setting up and troubleshooting UOP technology at customer sites.

Dr. Priyanka Sharma is the Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Kazmira.Together, Dr. Sharma and her Co-CEO, Mr. Sharma, manage a team of engineers and scientists at their 100,000 sq.ft. facility in Watkins, CO. Before founding Kazmira, Priyanka received her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, in which she published three journal articles, one review article, and one book chapter all focusing on her work in molecular modeling of functionalized gold nanoparticles with various ligands and their behavior in biological systems. Towards the end of her graduate degree, Priyanka worked closely with Orochem Technologies, Inc. to secure an SBIR (small business innovation research) grant from the National Science Foundation focusing on developing a predictive model to understand chiral separations of orphan drugs. At Kazmira she was instrumental in working with Colorado legislators to successfully pass SB 23-271, Intoxicating Cannabinoid Hemp and Marijuana.