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Dr. Daren Martin
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Dr. Daren Martin
Dallas, TX United States
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Dr. Daren Martin
Dallas, TX
United States
Contact Phone: 469-471-5548
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Dr. Daren Martin

Dr Daren Martin, The Culture Architect, is a Global Speaker & Author on Company and Corporate Culture, Increasing Sales, Maximizing Engagement, A Company of Owners and other topics related to the people side of business. 

His bestselling A Company of Owners has been called "Best book since Good to Great" He earned the title The Culture Architect by helping companies ranging from Fortune 500 to Small Businesses create cultures where everyone acts like an owner. 

He advises companies on how to attract and retain top talent, create great cultures where everyone acts like an owner, thrive, grow, and more.

Bruce Sammis, CEO of Lockton Dunning Benefits said this of Daren. "Daren changed the trajectory of our company, we would not be where we are today without Daren Martin"

Dr. Martin empowers companies to grow their profitability exponentially by sharing specific and actionable strategies to create A Company of Owners resulting in higher employee engagement. A team where everyone Acts Like an Owner is more profitable, attracts and retains top talent, and is more likely to dominate thier industry. 

Given that according to Gallup the average engagement rate at a typical company is 29%, companies can realize a significant increase in profits by raising this percentage to a much higher level. One Harvard study showed that companies that get their culture right see an increas of 756% in their net profitability over a 10 year period. 

Dr. Martin is an Evolutionary who is out to Evolutionize the way the world works so that people can experience greater joy, success, fulfillment, and perform at a much higher level at work. 

Dr. Martin has had the privelege of speaking to companies and organizations including Verisign, The National Restaurant Association's Innovation Summit, Praxair, Sunstate Equipment, The Presidential Scholars, Bayer Crop Science, The International Panel Physicians Association, The International Liquid Terminal Association, PM Hotel Group, Volaris Group, WFG Executve Roundtable, Pedernales Electric Cooperative, St. David's Foundation, multiple CHRO, CIO, CMO, CISO Executive Summites with Evanta, Cobalt Boats, KPMG, HollyFrontier, Canada Life Reinsurance, CVent, The Alternative Board, and many more. 

Whether Dr. Martin is providing a keynote, training, or after dinner talk, he crafts his presentation to accomplish these three things.

  1. Recognizable change in the participants demonstrated through new behaviors and thinking.
  2. Higher performance from the participants which has a direct benefit to them and their company.
  3. Memorable content which is used as a reference point moving forward.

His areas of focus include …

Increased Employee Engagement

  1. An increase in employee engagement
  2. Greater employee investment in the objectives of the company
  3. An owner mentality and behaviors throughout the company

A Company Culture that Multiplies Profitability and Performance

  1. A Culture that attracts and retains top talent
  2. A Culture that propagates performance and increases profitability
  3. A Culture that fosters innovation and an owner mentality

Excellent Communication Skills and Habits

  1. Aligned communication that eliminates misunderstanding and produces clarity
  2. Communication that creates buy in and eliminates resistance
  3. Communication that increases collaboration and team performance

Increased Sales

  1. A dramatically improved close rate
  2. A pattern of behaviors that foster Trusted Advisor status
  3. Better rapport building skills leading to higher sales

Dr. Martin has been featured on multiple podcasts, radio shows, and other media including Wharton Business Radio. 

Here is a summary of Dr. Martin's groundbreaking books. 

A Company of Owners

What if everyone in your company acted like an owner? Transform yourself and your company's culture. Be inspired to act, possessing new tools to outperform your previous best. Spark creativity. Commit to acting like an owner, owning your own life while building a company of owners. Make yourself indispensable to any company and your company indispensable to the marketplace by acting like an owner.

Only 29% of employees are engaged at a typical company. Dr. Martin, the culture architect, knows how to truly create a company of owners.

Learning Objectives

Leaders, Owners, and Managers

  1. Why the employee engagement rate is so low and what you can do to change that
  2. How to architect a company of people who act like owners
  3. Three company culture killers and how to avoid them
  4. Specific behaviors that cause companies to thrive and be energized

Individual Contributors

  1. How to make yourself indispensable to any company by acting like an owner
  2. The power of showing up
  3. Leaving things better than you found them
  4. Going to the ball
  5. Crafting your identity
  6. Making it easy for others to say yes

Beached Whale

This book is a clarion call to both individuals and companies. The world as we know it is over, and we can beach ourselves hopelessly on a sand dune, or we can learn to swim in the new ocean. This on-point message will challenge you to think and act more powerfully.

  1. What's changed and why it matters to every business
  2. Understanding the new ocean
  3. Beached indicators and how to unbeach
  4. From big fish to fast fish

The Sink

One short encounter with a stranger can change your life forever. Martin and Nusbaum recount one such encounter and unpack how we can all "leave it better than we found it" Simple in big ways.

  1. The death of NMJ (Not My Job)
  2. ADDitudes
  3. Leaving things better
  4. The power of one

White Board

The best way to have a great idea is to have lots of ideas. Creativity is the new capital for any company as machine learning takes over the more mechanical and repetitive job functions. Learn to turn back on the idea factory you were born with and spark BIG IDEAS that are actionable.

Learning Objectives

  1. Awakening the idea factory
  2. From idea to execution
  3. Models and images that inspire action

"As an author, Daren is producing some of the most important books we have seen in a decade" Tammy Kling, CEO OnFire Leadership Company

Dr. Martin has spoken in mulitple countries including Mexico, Thailand, Panama, Tanzania, Malaysia, Ecuador, Canada, and many more. Growing up in Thailand he has a keen awareness of different cultures and how to speak with a Global view of the world.