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Michael J. Herman --Motivation Attitude Sales Billionaire Interviews
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Michael J. Herman --Motivation Attitude Sales Billionaire Interviews
Burbank, CA United States
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Contact Information
Michael J. Herman
Granada Hills, CA
United States
Main Phone: 818-894-4610
Contact Phone: 818-894-4610
Cell Phone: 818-441-9288
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Michael J. Herman --Motivation Attitude Sales Billionaire Interviews

Michael J. Herman is a 30 year successful entreprenerur, WITH BACKGROUNDS IN writing, publishing, producing, philanthropy, and he's an expert authority on Attitude, Motivation, and Learning. His 13 published books have sold in aggrigte more than 1 million copies. His syndicated column THE MOTIVATIONL MINUTEĀ® (since 1997) has turned out almost 8,000 original editions.

As an entreprenrur, Herman manages several companies in a variety of areas, including Publishing and Media Relations, Marketing, Product Development, and Entertainment.

His 14th book due out in early 2018 How To Succeed In College With A Disability : the Insider's Guide To Your Diploma is set to create a brand new niche for book marketing and education.

As a speaker, Michael J. Herman has delivered more than 3,000 paid professional presentations, and in 2001 was invited to the White HouseĀ  by George W. Bush.

As an entrepreneur, Herman is particularly gifted in finding new, untapped and unserviced niches and developing business models that thrive in those areas.

As a coach Herman has coached more than 2,500 hours of high performance and top achievers in Free Enterprise, Sports, Science, Research, Publishing, Media, and Small Business.

In philanthropy, Herman has raised in excess of $60 million dollars for charities and disabled people and he has launched multiple non profits that serve communities of blind, disabled, nd needy americans.

Herman holds a patent on a particular kind of pen and has two more patents pending.
Michael J. Herman is a viracious and unquenchable person of service.