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F. Felicia Ferrara, Ph.D.
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F. Felicia Ferrara, Ph.D.
Tampa, FL United States
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Contact Information
F. Felicia Ferrara, PhD.
Tampa, FL
United States
Contact Phone: 813-259-0303
Dr. Ferrara provides an informative and inspirational program to enhance interpersonal relationships and increase potential. Learn of intervention strategies that can review, modify and enhance personal life scripts. Ability to achieve or fail in personal and work settings is often a matter of self-perception, not lack of ability.

Then unrealistic life scripts may be at work...but the good news is that positive strategies can change it all. Dr. Ferrara has worked with countless individuals and organizations to bring others to full potential by reexamining misperceptions built from adverse childhood events. Her presentation is for anyone who has had a childhood.

Conquered Legacy is one story about how women and men struggle to overcome childhood issues that threaten adult fulfillment. Written as a narrative work, it offers compelling and insightful reading that reveals issues and effective strategies that propels human change. It is a story of hope, strength and courage. Dr. Ferrara has conducted numerous radio or TV interviews and published in trade and consumer publications.

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