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Fred DiUlus, PhD
Orlando, FL United States
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Welcomes paid invitations to speak.
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Ovi Dogar
Orlando, FL
United States
Main Phone: (917) 423-1333
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About International Platform Association:

The International Platform Association® (Platform®) is one of America’s first associations. Founded as the American Lyceum Association in 1831 by statesman Daniel Webster and educator Josiah Holbrook, it has been the market place for speakers for 185 years. Much has changed over the years, from the invention of the Telegraph and the rise of YouTube. The lyceum movement of town hall-like buildings for sharing education changed with the Chautauqua movement of traveling tent shows.

Annual meetings have been held in Washington, D.C. since 1965 -- Speakers have included President Lyndon B. Johnson and Governor Nelson Rockefeller; Poet Carl Sandburg; Activists Jesse Jackson and Ralph Nader; and Secretaries of State Daniel Webster and Henry Kissinger.

Today, Platform® continues as an extraordinary and unique publicity tool for hundreds of speakers with web profiles and the organization's annual meeting. The corporate sponsor for the association is Broadcast Interview Source, Inc.: publisher of The Yearbook of Experts, Authorities & Spokespersons® and the expert referral website:

Global Academy Online
Global Academy Online
Global Academy Online
Global Academy Online

Dr. Fred DiUlus, the Founder of the Global Academy Network is counted among the Who's Who of the world's leading higher education pioneers and experts in developing 21st Century online education innovation and methodology,.His Network has risen over the past two and a half decades to become a global developer of accredited online and blended universities on four continents as well as providing extensive internal learner management system aids to ensure growth and academic success.

The Global Academy Network umbrella extends also to the management of a global association of schools, colleges and universities ( as well as the USA's  Aging Veterans Care Relief Fund (; possessing its own managed free "Victory  Atlantic College & University" for all veterans and their families, and the "American Patriots Fund", a caretaker financial watchdog to protect aging American vetreans.

Over the past five years, Global Academy Network's  learener managment systems provider, '', developed a unique cyber based total immersive VR/AR 3D education system that includes the cutting edge "University of One™ V/Classoom"; one that accelerates student learning 14% to 50%. Designed to educate students in 147 nations, its learning value depends on school and student and how fast they want to acquire and complete courses and/or promote students through the required education. The application is either partially online through blended learning (the slowest) or the fastest on a totallly immersive VR, 3D reliant system.

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