Mohammad Bahareth, Best Selling Author, Dyslexia Advocate and Entrepreneur.
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Mohammad Bahareth, Best Selling Author, Dyslexia Advocate and Entrepreneur.
P. O. Box 126305, Jeddah Saudi Arabia
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Mohammad Bahareth
Jeddah, Other
Saudi Arabia
Contact Phone: +12146463636
Cell Phone: +966561177210
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Mohammad Bahareth
on National Televestion
Speaking at TEDxJeddah

Bill GatesMohammad Bahareth is one of Saudi Arabia's leading Youths, Dyslexic, Best Selling Author, An Advocate for Youth Empowerment, & Entrepreneur. He got the attention of Forbes when he got listed as one of the top 100 influential Twitter icons in the middle east back in July 2011 through his campaigns and initiatives. He got the Attention of Saudi Arabia by His Youtube Shows The Fifth Power and iTek which gave him recognition among the firs YouTubers in the Region. His Popularity Ignited after Speaking at TEDxJeddah About His Learning Disability (Dyslexia), Being one of the First Pioneers who Joined the Mars one Program in the Middle East.

Launched the Arabian Space Initiative, Attempting to Send The First Arabic Printed text via Mars one lander parachute and attempting to send the First Arabic Tweet from the Moon Via Lunar Lion Project Via Pennsylvania State University.

Mohammad is Well known Author & a Thought Leader, He began to write along with Listed By Forbes Middle Easthis disability at the age of 11 in school with a strong feeling of determination to overcome Dyslexia until he wrote more than 400 Articles in local Arabic media and his blog and wrote more than 20 Title in both English & Arabic, some are registered in the library of congress. which all lead to ranking him by the Saudi Social Media Monitor ( ELMAM ), Awarded the 6th place in Saudi Arabia in Writing & Blogging in 2013.

A Dynamic and Entertaining speaker who has motivated thousands of people RT Arabic on King Salman Visitworldwide, which Lead to Knighting him by King Roman of Lithuania and Knighting him & Awarding him the Title Sir.

Currently, He is the Chairman of a Social Tech Startup Help Nation which founded after he helped found Meem Bank the first Crowd-sourced Services and Products Bank in the world, Help Nation Develops Social Platforms on a Need and Demand basis and he vowed to change the world.


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