Mohammad Bahareth, A Dyslexic Multiple Award-Winning Leader in Innovation
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Mohammad Bahareth, A Dyslexic Multiple Award-Winning Leader in Innovation
Jeddah, Foreign Province Saudi Arabia
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Jeddah, Foreign Province
Saudi Arabia
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Mohammad Bahareth
on National Televestion
Made in Saudi

a multi-award-winning Best-Selling Author, Dyslexia Advocate, Motivational Speaker, Startup Consultant, and Business Personality whose devotion and creativity have imparted him with the reputation as Saudi Arabia's leading youth in innovation. As the author of over 50 books in two languages, his ultimate mission is to encourage, empower, and inspire people for generations to come. When it comes to his best-selling books, he ensures youth have a better future in Saudi Arabia. Dedicated to intellectual pursuits, he attended courses at HavardX, edx, LinkedIn learning, and Masterclass. He also offers his own courses on other platforms.

Mohammad's various achievements and initiatives immediately caught the eye of Forbes Middle East. So far, he is one of the top 100 influential Twitter icons in 2011 and the recipient of the Wagensberg Award in 2019 and the Jeddah Award in 2022. He is also known for his empowering  YouTube shows, The Fifth Power and iTek, making him one of the first YouTubers region-wide. Beyond the Middle East, he gave a TedTalk at TEDxJeddah about his learning disability, which was sponsored by HRH Prince Mohammed Bin Salman foundation known as MISK.

One of Mohammad's most pivotal moments, however, was adapting the Sherlock Holmes Trilogy (the first book he ever read and the character that inspired him to overcome all the odds stacked up against him) into Arabic in a span of seven years. Not only did he pen the trilogy in its entirety, but he also obtained approval from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Estate to license the use of the character as the first Arab to receive this license. 

Furthermore, Mohammad's numerous bold initiatives have created a better future for Saudi Arabia and society as a whole. His Arabian Space Initiative promises to send the first Arabic text to the moon and Mars. His social initiatives like Allow Youth allows single men to attend shopping malls and restaurants on weekends, which was prohibited before. Environmentally conscious,  he called for a ban on soda cans with a removable cover. He also serves as the President of Space Club and the Vice President of Inventors Club.

Currently, Mohammad Bahareth's central focus is his Dyslexia Awareness initiative ( He is advocating for dyslexic people to register with government authorities through medical reports to ensure they obtain optimal disability benefits that  enhance and add value to their lives.

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