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Would You Spend $20 to Save $2,000?
Marilyn Anderson --   How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE Marilyn Anderson -- How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE
Los Angeles , CA
Thursday, April 20, 2017

Marilyn Anderson, Author of How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You're a Million Short


How much will people spend to save thousands of dollars? It's crazy, but the old saying "Pennywise and pound foolish" relates to many. You can tell a person you can save them thousands of dollars, but will they pay $20 to find out? How about $5?

Potpourri Books will soon be finding out the answer to those questions. The publisher has just launched a new book that provides information on how readers can save thousands of dollars on entertainment, shopping, fashion, travel, health beauty, home decor and more.   

How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You're a Million Short by Marilyn Anderson offers all kinds of money-saving tips as well as true-life experiences from the author, who indicates she has lived that way for 20 years.

The book gives specific tips on how to:

  • Go to expensive restaurants for ¼ of their usual price
  • Wear a $2000 dress for $50
  • Go to $1,000 per ticket charity event for free
  • Get a nose job for $1,000 instead of $10,000
  • Get prescription drugs for less than with insurance
  • See Hamilton on Broadway for $10
  • Spend a week at a 4-star resort in Spain for FREE

Plus, tons of other tips and info to help you save money and have grand experiences at the same time.  Not everyone will want to do all of them, but everyone will want to do many of them right away!

How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You're a Million Short is available on Amazon for $19.95 in paperback and only $4.99 as a Kindle ebook.

It's not unusual to see consumer guides with plenty of money-saving tips, but Anderson infuses a humorous sensibility into her book that makes it stand out. 

How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You're a Million Short has already garnered advance praise from experts in the field.

Chellie Campbell, Author of The Wealthy Spirit and From Worry to Wealthy said, "This is a must-have book that belongs on everyone's bookshelf within easy reach. It's engaging, funny, and filled with delightful stories and wonderful information on how and where to get the best deals on everything – from Vegas shows to shoes, spas, and adventures at the Spam Museum… you will adore Marilyn and her book!"  

Mark Fisher, internationally bestselling author of The Instant Millionaire and The Lazy Millionaire, endorsed it as well: "You're a woman and want to feel like a million dollars – or put a million-dollar smile on your face? Read Marilyn's book. And if you're a man, read this little gem of a book . . . you'll put a smile on your woman's face and still be able to put gas in your tank."

Certainly, the best praise an author can get is from an everyday person: "Thanks to Marilyn's advice, I enjoyed a six-night stay at a four-star resort in Spain, including accommodations and all meals – for FREE!  It was an incredible experience!" –Felice P.

Joel Eisenberg, Author of The Chronicles of Ara, also weighed in: "How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You're a Million Short opens the gates to divine riches for everyone . . . even those with just a piggy bank. This book pays for itself over and over again."

In addition to the book, Anderson has launched a web series with three-minute episodes that give money-saving tips in different categories.

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About the Author:

Marilyn Anderson is an author, speaker, and award-winning film and television writer. She wrote for Murphy Brown, FAME, Friday the 13th – the Series, and Carol & Company, starring Carol Burnett and Jeremy Piven. She is co-writer and executive producer of the family film, How to Beat a Bully. As a travel & entertainment reporter, she has covered hotels, restaurants and attractions around the US and abroad. Although not a millionaire (yet), Marilyn has lived like one for over 20 years, and is now sharing her secrets so that readers can, too. 

Marilyn Anderson
How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You're a MILLION Short
Los Angeles, CA
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