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Why Talking about Caregiving and Power of Attorney Eliminates Worry About “Who Will Care for Me?”
Pamela D. Wilson -- Caregiving Expert, Advocate & Speaker Pamela D. Wilson -- Caregiving Expert, Advocate & Speaker
Golden , CO
Thursday, March 28, 2019

Power of Attorney for Aging Parent
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Golden, Colorado – March 28, 2019

Aging parents often ask the question of "will my children care for me?" Adult children ask "is it time to get power of attorney for aging parents?" Single adults worry about "who will caregive for me?"

Rather than wondering who will caregive, the question can now be answered through individual or family participation in an online course by caregiving expert Pamela D. Wilson, "Power of Attorney, Secrets for Success."

Caregiving is a Family Matter. Power of Attorney is a Family Matter. 

In the online course, Power of Attorney: Proven Secrets for Success, Pamela D. Wilson, MS, BS/BA, NCG, CSA caregiving expert, leads aging adults and family caregivers through her A to Z process for power of attorney.

This online power of attorney course shares Pamela's day-to-day professional experience serving as a medical and financial power of attorney for her clients. Power of Attorney; Secrets for Sucess is also a starting point for families to learn about all aspects of caregiving. Caregiving is a life role that arises unexpectedly and throws unprepared families into chaos. 

Talking about Power of Attorney Opens the Door to Early Caregiving Conversations

This course opens the door to early caregiving conversations that many times do not occur until an unexpected accident or emergency occurs and caregiving becomes a reality. Caregiving and power of attorney are often "after-thoughts" after health issues have occurred.

Responding to health emergencies in crises results in family stress, worry, and anxiety. This course helps families make a caregiving plan and a backup plan that addresses unexpected events. 

By having conversations about caregiving and power of attorney before the need, the question of "who will care for me" is known. Many aging parents wonder if their adult children will care for them. Single adults wait to make a plan because they don't know who will care for them. Adult children wonder when it's time to get power of attorney for aging parents. 

Understanding the Basics of Caregiving Helps Families Be Prepared for and Avoid Unexpected Caregiving Emergencies

This course, while focused on power of attorney, takes families through the basics of caregiving. The information provided prepares families for the unexpected so that instead of reacting in crises, a plan is in place to caregive for spouses, aging parents, and other family members.

Caregiving is part of life that individuals and family members learn by a trial and error process. Mistakes and medical errors happen because of a lack of caregiving experience. By becoming more informed, caregivers can more easily manage care 

Power of attorney is more than a piece of paper with a name. When care needs advance and coordination with the healthcare and caregiving systems is required, power of attorney can be like a full-time job that requires staunch advocacy. Choosing the right person is important to ensure you receive the care you desire.

Caregiving Expert Shares Real Life Power of Attorney Experiences

Pamela's on the ground experience as a court-appointed guardian, medical and financial power of attorney helps individuals and families learn about the practicalities and responsibilities of power of attorney. Pitfalls, errors and the unexpected are reviewed in the course to prepare families for everything that can and does happen. 

According to Pamela, "Documents can be drafted and sitting in a drawer. Until a family member has to step in and make life-changing decisions or when power of attorney becomes a full-time job -- they have no idea what they signed up for by agreeing to be power of attorney. My experience and the information in the online power of attorney course reduces worry and gives family members confidence and peace of mind."

Attorneys draft documents or documents can be downloaded online. Having to show up in hospital emergency rooms, doctor's offices, and advocate for care takes the idea of power of attorney to the next level of reality. Many family members are unprepared for the responsibility. 

Why Families Delay Talking about Power of Attorney

Power of attorney is a subject that many families postpone or are unaware of because power of attorney seems like something that "isn't for me." Becoming involved with the legal system is another hesitation or hurdle in addition to the fear of the cost of creating documents. 

When caregiving becomes a need, families are focused on day-to-day care and feel that they don't have the time to talk about power of attorney. This is, even more, the time to talk about power of attorney if documents were not previously created. Caregiving quickly becomes overwhelming and burnout is experienced. 

Take the Next Step to Learn about the Course and Feel Confident about Family Caregiving Situations

In this online course that includes live question and answer sessions with Pamela, families are able to have questions answered about how caregiving relates to power of attorney. Rather than being unprepared for caregiving situations, families have peace of mind and confidence that when caregiving becomes a need they will be prepared to care for loved ones.

More details about the course and a course outline are available HERE


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