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Why Can’t Jonny Read? More Like Why Can’t Jonny Graduate?

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Why Can't Johny Read?

More Like Why Can't Johny Graduate?

It's not because Johny' stupid.

And it's not because dwindling Educational budgets.

It's because NO ONE has EVER taught Johny how to succeed EDUCATIONALLY!

NEW BOOK: How To Succeed In College With A Disability; The NO BS Roadmap to Your Diploma takes college students and college-bound students on a direct trajectory from enrollment to graduation and HOW TO GET THEIR DIPLOMAS!

Literally, no one has taught them how to graduate.

Bestselling author of Becoming The Complete Champion: One Motivational Minute At a Time Michael J. Herman reveals more than 100 ninja tactics for getting the diploma.


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Find out how good a reader Johny really can be.

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