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What Color to I Paint My Walls
Jeanette Chasworth -- The Color Whisperer Jeanette Chasworth -- The Color Whisperer
Los Angeles, CA
Tuesday, January 12, 2021


Rosa had just bought a duplex. She was going to live in one side and rent the other. 

She decided to upgrade her side and get rid of some of the dated decor.   New Floors, a new kitchen, and bathrooms were just some of her concerns.

However, the one that often gets people perplexed is: What color do I paint my walls?

We selected 3 colors that were used throughout the house that brought out the subtlety of her tile and how she desired to feel in the space.  After deducing her personality type, it was just a matter of deciding how she wanted to FEEL in each space and selecting a color.

Most people get bogged down with the following questions:

What's trendy? What will sell well? What will go with my decor? What gives room for me to change? What color will I not get tired of in 2 weeks?

The answer is simple and complicated.  

The simple answer is: Follow your gut.  Your body will lead you to the right answer for what works for you. 

Most people are not used to doing that and are very insecure about painting a room and not liking it when it's done.

Here are a few tips that you won't see in most interior design mags.

1. How much light does the color reflect?  This is the secret to making a room look bigger. It's not about how light the color is, a dark color can reflect light.  Dark colors can be beautiful, dramatic, and expansive as long as it reflects light.  White can suck in the light and reflect none and make a room feel drab, boring, and small.

2. Know how you want to FEEL in the room.   Then look for a color that makes you FEEL that way. 

3. Understanding the psychology of color will help you to select a color for your room that will be a contribution not just to the room but to your mind body and spirit.

That's just a few tips on how to select the right color for you.   If you would like to find out more, please contact design@thecolorwhisperer.com


What Color To Paint Your Walls

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