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Voters Decide American Elections - Not Media/Big Tech
Brian Davis -- Concerned and Patriotic Senior American Brian Davis -- Concerned and Patriotic Senior American
Minneapolis, MN
Tuesday, November 10, 2020

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Voters Decide American Elections - Not Media/Big Tech
The American Legal System, Not Mainstream Media and Big Tech Will Determine the Legal Votes and Real Election Results, as it did in 2000.
No State Vote has yet been Certified or Official
Joe Biden is NOT Now President-Elect
WATCH the Linked VideoClip on ELECTION SOFTWARE with 
Lt. General McInerney, Retired
Current Serious Vote Fraud Allegations must be adjudicated in Court:
  • Election Software being corrupted by Democrat Party Operatives in multiple states. WATCH the attached VIDEO of Lt. General    McInerney Predicting Voter Fraud before Election Day.
  • Illegal In-Kind Political Contributions by Big Tech and Mainstream Media to Biden and other Democratic Party campaigns throughout the United States. When Media refuse to cover Trump accomplishments, like the impressive 2020 Third Quarter 33.1% growth in Gross National Product (GDP), they suppress the truth, and therefore the Trump vote. When  they outright lie and cover-up Biden lies, they again make illegal In-kind Political Campaign Contributions to Biden!
  • Illegal Backdating of Ballots allegations in multiple states.
  • Apparent coordination of timing in several states of an unprecedented "vote counting suspension" on election night which likely allowed vote fraud cover-ups.
  • Ballot Harvesting allegations.
  • Voter Suppression Tactics nationally, including Illegal In-Kind Political Contributions to Democrats.

Gaslighting, a term first depicted in a 1930s British play, is psychological manipulation by making small changes daily, weekly, monthly, but then denying those changes happened.

Gaslighting aims to control people by sowing seeds of self doubt, making them question their own memory and perceptions.  It attempts to destabilize and delegitimize the target's own beliefs, instilling cognitive dissonance.

Gaslighting is a Leftist Political Tactic to Manipulate Election Results

The 'alternative reality' advanced on most Mainstream Media and Big Tech is inconsistent with our own sensory observations and common sense. For example, when we saw riots, looting and arson, we were assured it was "peaceful protesting."  Those who question the false 'alternative reality' are oftentimes vilified as 'racist', or 'crazy'.

Now, we see obvious extensive Vote Fraud and are told it is "a lie by Trump".  Democrats have embraced vote fraud before, including then Mayor Richard J. Daley of Chicago bragging in 1960 about stealing that Presidential Election. We know that Democrats and their corrupt Media and Tech allies had been supporting efforts to steal the 2020 Election, following their extreme support for Democrat's failed Coup attempts and their Presidential  Impeachment Hoax.  Hillary and Joe's Real Corruption was ignored and denied.

Mike Huckabee, after discussing various serious charges of Vote Fraud either  in litigation or expected to be in litigation, wrote: "We reported yesterday on another serious allegation, this one about voting machine software deliberately flipping votes. There's much more to be examined before we can be confident we've counted every legal vote but not the illegal ones."

"My point: this is far from over. Biden may be deluded into thinking he's officially the President-elect –- and I can understand this if he's watching  almost any news outlet --- but HE IS NOT THE PRESIDENT-ELECT. It's almost as if he, like the rest of America, were being "gaslighted" about this...."

MORNING EDITION, November 10, 2020, By Mike Huckabee.



Judicial Watch litigates to force states to remove from voter rolls all deceased people, those not residents of the state, and others not legally allowed to vote. In response, many states resist or slow walk accomplishing that legal requirement, even after judicial consent decrees are entered.  

The Mainstream Media and Big Tech, coordinating with the radicalized  Democratic Party, utilized rigged "polling results" to create, then push a narrative that "Trump would drown in a "Blue Wave" and that it was hopeless  for Americans to vote for Trump. That is Voter Suppression by Gaslighting. 

The "polling results" in 2020 seem even more intentionally false than the "polling" in 2016. Trump again ran far stronger than predicted, even with voter fraud all against him.  Polling organizations learned nothing from their debacle  in 2016, because their goal must have been Harris/Biden propaganda, not  doing honest polling.

Countless false claims currently made against Trump are Gaslighting  diversions to deflect attention away from Vote Fraud by Democrats. That tactic was also used to divert attention from  Hillary Clinton email crimes during the 2016 Election.


Mainstream Media and Big Tech's Unprecedented Denial of the Truth with Gaslighting

We remember that Biden repeatedly stated, "Trump has never repudiated white supremacists," and the media largely failed to point out that he was lying. Honest fact checkers know: "Trump Has Condemned White Supremacists" Robert Farley, Feb. 11, 2020. FactCheck.org. 

Although Trump has repeatedly restated his repudiation of white supremacists on video and in writing, Biden continued to lie.  And the media parrots his lie, as recently as October 15, 2020 at an NBC "alleged Town Hall" was an In-kind Political Campaign Contribution, a "Trump Bash."

Only our heightened awareness of Leftist political tactics can prevent such Gaslighting efforts from continuing to subvert our political system.

We Must Trust Ourselves, our Senses and Common Sense.

Don't let yourself be Gaslighted!

Concerned American Senior Citizen.
Holds a Master of Arts in Sociology, and a Juris Doctorate in Law from U.S. Universities in Illinois.
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