Is that new used-car superstore actually you?

With all of those once-new models about to re-enter the market as used vehicles, expect a 2015 decline in pre-owned prices.

With new-car margins getting thinner, dealers have been leaning on used-car sales to make back net profit. When the used-model values decline what's left?

Finance and insurance? Sure, but I assume you have been maximizing F&I already. Lower floor plan expense? Maybe.

What to do?

A sure way to build gross is to specialize in certified pre-owned vehicles. Candidly, it surprises me when dealers find that when this simple idea is so effective, as if they didn't really believe.

Sit down and consider that there is a good percentage of people searching for a pre-owned pickup truck in your market right now.

Don't forget about how many suburban moms would like a slightly used family SUV at half of the original MSRP. Then finally there's the college student searching for cheap transportation.

Why watch all of these car buyers default to a big national dealer chain when you are just as able to provide that pre-owned inventory at a great value with just a little bit of early planning? Why let national firms have so much fun?

With all of the data today, there really isn't an excuse not be cutting-edge with your pre-owned inventory. You probably have the best market knowledge about the most popular models and makes in your area. Consider running a report today on the top-selling makes and models locally on the entry-level prices and market for $159 a month or lower. Just a small collection of each of these models will suffice.

Consider marketing these pre-owned values against your own new-vehicle inventory. Perhaps feature them in a TV spot showing the new model and then right behind that, a pre-owned version of the same vehicle with much lower sticker and payments.

If it's true that only 66% of buyers actually purchased the car that brought them into the dealership originally, then switching a new-car buyer to a similar pre-owned model should not be that difficult.

Yes, many buyers enter your dealership looking for a new vehicle, but the superior value presented in a certified unit can motivate a different purchase.

I experienced this when selling cars how easy it was to sell CPO value. I would talk about how fast a CPO would be worth close to the same market value of a new one in just a few short years.

Odds are your salespeople are already recommending pre-owned inventory. But are you helping by marketing those vehicles?

You can create your own market. A CPO pickup truck, for example, is a market segment that is seldom capitalized in many cities.

Fact: the top-selling Hyundai dealer in the nation also owns the top selling certified preowned Hyundai dealership in the nation. Coincidence? I don't think so. This dealer studied his local market and created a destination CPO superstore.

Drive margins using smart pre-owned inventory planning and advertising. Drive those buyers directly to your website and bring them in. Your 2015 profitability will thank you for it.Adam Armbruster is a senior partner in the business growth firm Eckstein, Summers, Armbruster & Co. He can be reached at 941-928-7192.