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Sunday, June 20, 2021


JUNE 19TH 2021

This blog is meant primarily to introduce its viewers to some of my influencers, to economic commentators who wish to inform the public about their personal perspective of the economy. Personally, although I follow these people- and may comment on their perspective- my point of view may be interesting at timea, but the people I present here are much more authoritative and worth listening to than myself. Still, i find value in listening to them and presenting to those who may first may be beginning to wonder what is really happening to our economy.

You might ask, how can an economy wear a mask? Well, for one thing, perhaps symbolically, the disingenuous and unscientifically supported enforced use of masks during the pandemic, certainly was part of the protocol that endangered and half-destroyed the U.S. street economy- and still continues, despite all the warnings that have recently followed even after major media discussed the contradictions in CDC and government warnings. Well, if major media and government were responsible for the destruction of so much in the street economy in terms of business functionality, the Fed, despite its major task which is to continually promote stock market success, has taken a rather obvious aim at the consumer and wage owner with “The Lie Fiat Movement and Bad Money,” in the video below. The lie is the mask. It needs to be unmasked.

If you like the Big Short, the movie, as much as I did, it is good to know that Michael Burry, who recently gained another pulsation of notoriety, by shorting Tesla, is visibly back in the saddle again, even if he never really got of his horse.. Here’s what CNBC noted recently:

  • Michael Burry is long puts against 800,100 shares of Tesla or $534 million by the end of the first quarter, according to a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • Burry was one of the first investors to call and profit from the subprime mortgage crisis.
  • Burry previously mentioned in a tweet, that Tesla’s reliance on regulatory credits to generate profits is also an impediment to the company’s long-term prospects

David Quintieri, the host of Money GPS is a big fan of Burry’s, and takes very seriously something that GPS has been saying for a long time- a market crashes after a big, even tremendous, surges in prices. So the investor needs to really understand what can happen because the damage can be very high. BitCoin has already had several rather sharp price declines- and maybe soon there will be more- and, probably, no matter how high it goes if the bull market regains momentum, a bear market is probably inevitable and crypto, when that happens, can fall immensely. People who invest in the market, says Burry and Quintieri, need to understand it.

Greg Mannarino could be accused of many things, but he could never be accused of complementing those in power who he believes are stripping the American people of the prosperity, happiness and freedom they deserve. And as many of the others on this very page have said, the Fed, mainstream media and government officials are lying about the status of our economy, which Greg generally refers to as in free fall. Basically, he calls the projects that these various entities make a Freak Show and will generally speak of its participants as Freaks- or worse. I am not sure of the need for these type of characterizations- but I understand the pain he must feel as an honest reporter on the financial markets in a time of epic deception and hidden agendas based on elitism and profit for the few.

In this interview with Dunagun Kaiser, host of Liberty and Finance, Jerry Robinson of Follow the Money, lays out the reason for the recent Fed indications it may raise rates again- runaway inflation affecting every level of our society. This video lays out even more details of the Fed’s way to gain further control of the economy for its own designs, not for those of the general public.


In our New Galaxy Blogs, we share various types of videos for you to scrutinize. Unless we specifically say so, we do not necessarily agree with their content, in whole or in part. Sometimes, we will present written or audio/video material concerned with health or financial issues. We always recommend that before you try anything, you check with your medical or certified health professional before engaging in a health protocol- and with your best qualified financial advisor before embarking on any financial adventure,

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