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The Free Tuition College Revolution
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Friday, November 18, 2016

The Free Tuition College Revolution

Online College Programs Breaking Free

In 2002 Global Academy Online, then a fledgling online college degree program curriculum provider proffered the idea of creating a tuition free online university.  That university was named The DiULUS Institute after the family name of the CEO and founder of Global Academy Online, Dr. Fred DiUlus.

The DiULUS Institute was correctly recognized by Inside Higher Education in 2006 as the brainchild of Dr. Fred DiUlus. Recognized early on as one of higher education's online pioneer educators, he was the developer of the world's first tuition free online university. The blog however concentrated on an alleged questionable honorary accreditation provided the university as a gift from the monarch of an historic Italian principality where the family history emanated and its historical family roots where located.

In failing to recognize the proposed school was the first tuition free university in the world, Inside Higher Education missed the mark in exploiting what free tuition education might mean to the world and failed to forecast the coming of MOOCs and tuition free schools. DiUlus says, "I would have written the article a tad differently. Inside Higher Education's reporter was trying to do what so many of traditional educators were guilty of at the time – lumping all online schools and new innovations in online higher education into the basket of diploma mills. He fostered a false narrative driven by all the wrong reasons."

As a result, Global Academy Online put the innovative school in a glass demonstration bowl. While Global Academy matured over the years developing curriculum in 40 disciplines, the firm used the Institute as a template and model for potential clients seeking to set up and initiate new schools online. The Institute continued to uniquely demonstrate for observers what could make up a university that offered free tuition. Although the Institute never opened its doors to the public, the design of the university was the first model and proposition that showed that a university education could be absolutely tuition free and not bankrupt the institution.

In the intervening decade that followed, Global Academy Online wrapped its expertise into developing a complete turnkey patent pending university model and in 2012 released its new university online and blended builder package; a patent pending package labeled The Gauntlet. Today the firm's premier package includes everything necessary to be possessed by a new school that includes licensing, state approval, international and national accreditation. This innovative new university build process offered by Global Academy Online propelled the firm into the nation's #1 online and blended new university builder. Now included in the options in the Gauntlet package is a tuition free university build out.

Dr. DiUlus groundbreaking breakthrough in higher education in 2006 has now become the international free tuition phenomena. From South Africa to the USA the desire to provide free education has made it to the highest levels of government including the desire by a stampede of politicians worldwide to offer free tuition to students. In the USA, over 1.4 trillion dollars in outstanding student loans staggers the imagination. Tuition free education advocates are not going away anytime soon and free tuition education will, according to Dr. DiUlus, become highly credible and universally will be universities both via state sponsorship and private will be globally accepted within the decade.      

On January 1, 2017 The DiUlus Institute Graduate Studies School will open to the public for the first time. Sponsored by Global Academy Online, as one of several schools it is sponsoring that will offer exclusively various versions of tuition free competency based interdisciplinary masters and doctoral programs.  

Fred DiUlus PhD,is widely known as the inventor and father of the annual ratings of colleges and universities that offer online degree programs.
Global Academy Online
New York, NY