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The Caring Generation® Radio What Do Caregivers Need Most?
Pamela D. Wilson -- Caregiving Expert, Advocate & Speaker Pamela D. Wilson -- Caregiving Expert, Advocate & Speaker
Golden , CO
Monday, June 22, 2020

What Do Caregivers Need Most?
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Golden, Colorado – June 22, 2020

The Caring Generation® Radio What Do Caregivers Need Most?

Golden CO- Caregiving expert Pamela D. Wilson hosts The Caring Generation® family talk radio program for caregivers and aging adults this coming Wednesday, June 24, on the Bold Brave Media Network. The program airs live at 9 p.m. EST. The Caring Generation® aired initially from 2009 to 2011 on 630 KHOW-AM in Denver, Colorado.

On this talk radio program for caregivers and aging adults, Wilson shares ideas that answer the question of what do caregivers need most? Caregivers who participate in online support groups share concerns about a wide range of caregiving issues, from managing emotions to how to perform personal care tasks.

While caregiving situations share many similarities, each case has its complexities.  Son and daughter caregivers approach caregiving roles differently than mom or dad, who are spousal caregivers. Caregivers from different generations—baby boomers to millennials—approach caregiving differently.

Even with these differences, similarities exist. Caregivers want to be understood and to find positive ways to manage unexpected change. Losing patience with elderly parents is a concern. Join Pamela Wilson and invite the entire family to learn the answers to what do caregivers need most?

Preventing Life-Threatening Wounds in the Elderly

Wilson's guest for this program is John Prince from National Wound Care, who shares tips for caregivers about preventing skin issues and wounds when caring for elderly parents.  John is a self-proclaimed farm boy who grew up in Southern Illinois.  From a young age with a sincere desire to help those in need, he started his healthcare career in 1984, working for Medicare. In 1991 John started his first company, RespiraCare, and in 1993, John started National Wound Care as his passion for healing patients with chronic wounds was born. 

Through the years, John and National Wound Care have been blessed to provide healing to hundreds of thousands of chronic wound patients.  Early on, John realized that patients and their families deal with pain, confusion, and anger; they want to understand what is happening with care issues. John's passion is to listen to each patient and their family members that stem from his belief that listening and patient education is the foundation of healing.

The Caregiving Education Gap

Thirty percent of the workforce is caring for elderly parents and supporting a healthy parent caring for a sick spouse. Caregiving education, training, and support is the path forward to getting the proper care for loved ones. Wilson offers a free webinar for human resource professionals to educate about the importance of supporting working caregivers. 

Learning to be proactive about health and well-being is a choice. Important aspects of health, well-being, and caregiving are not taught in schools. This caregiving education gap results in stress and frustration for adults who age, are diagnosed with chronic disease, and require help and support from adult children or other family members.   

Join Pamela on The Caring Generation to learn the answers to these and other questions about caring for elderly loved ones. The Caring Generation® radio program airs live at 6 p.m. Pacific, 7 p.m. Mountain, 8 p.m. Central, and 9 p.m. Eastern every Wednesday night.  Replays of the weekly programs are available in podcast format with transcripts on Pamela's website and all major podcast sites. More information about onsite and online video conferencing, keynote speaking events, and online education and support are available on Wilson's website.


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Pamela D. Wilson, MS, BS/BA, CG, CSA is a national caregiving expert, advocate, and speaker.  More than 20 years of experience as a direct service provider in the roles of a court-appointed guardian, power of attorney, and care manager led to programs supporting family caregivers and aging adults who want to be proactive about health, well-being, and caregiving. Wilson provides education and support for consumers and corporations interested in supporting employees who are working caregivers. To carry out her mission, Wilson partners with companies passionate about connecting with the caregiving marketing through digital and content marketing. Her mission to reach caregivers worldwide is accomplished through social media channels of Facebook, YouTube, Linked In, Instagram, Caregiving TV on Roku, and The Caring Generation® radio on Internet radio. She may be reached at 303-810-1816 or through her website.


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