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Thursday, October 28, 2021


October 27th, 2021

One of the good things about the Central Banks destroying the value of our money and, as a result of their activities, protecting an upswing in the value of stocks despite the obvious difficulties of our economy- is that it has made many people get back to the basics. Namely, we do not want our economy and our money to serve the interests of the very rich- and some of us are actually taking action to protect ourselves. What is a better lesson to learn- almost crashing a car because you are talking on a cell phone on a car (but not actually crashing – by a few lucky yards)- or reading a bunch of signs or seeing some PSA ads on TV, telling you about the dangers of driving and talking on a cell. Obviously, the near destruction of your life (and your car, too) is the real wake-up call. So investing in the right stocks- in this fragile moment- or buying gold and silver real cheaply- or investing in cryptocurrency- or the right real estate or art collectibles- are hedges against a dangerous future.

Lynette Zang, the chief strategist for ITM Trading, is one of my favorite commentators on this subject. Not only is she clear in explaining the realities of the moment to her audience- but she obviously feels deeply for the masses that will not hear her message or any others like hers- often because they are buying the mainstream optimism about the stock market and even great news about the actually desiccated American economy. In this program, she talks about how to prepare for the “Remonetization of Gold,” the title of a newly revised book by James Butler, her guest on this show today, who is an author and former financial adviser who, in his robust career, worked with many banks, financial institutions, and high-value investors.

Let me speak of certain aspect gold remonetization persective. Some folks out there have characterized BitCoin as being the basis of a new monetization system and have nicknamed it,“digital gold.” Although I am an absolute fan of BitCoin and cryptocurrency in general, this BTC asset does not strike me as the correct basis for any foundational monetary system. Basically, in my mind, it does not even come clos, as an assete to universally representing an economy’s approximately real value. The question is- should you pick a temperamental Hollywood superstar or a veteran banker and entrepreneur to oversee the world economy? BitCoin is wonderful- but it has too many ups and downs for the mission. BTC is like the Hollywood Star, too caught up in backroom deals, all-night parties and entertainment awards. Gold is like a banker that may have been artificially stuck in the backroom of the government’s playground but it knows what to do when they let it out.

Among other things, Lynette and James both agree in 2008, the system died and went on life support?

BACK TO GOLD STANDARD: John Butler & Lynette Zang

Today Michael Maloney talks with Jeff Clark to analyze various charts. He shows how the Fed Funds Rate goes into negative interest rates.. According to their discussion, this might lead the Fed to raise interest. But this could lead to crashing the economy. So, according again to their analysis, this shows that the Fed has painted itself into a corner. Another chart showing the Mergers and Acquisition cycle shows that gold and silver are only at the beginning of an acquisition phase. Such things happen rather quickly when the price of gold and silver start to rise. And although someone might have cried, “Safe Haven,” a long time ago, when looking at the economy, the government and mainstream financial news portals really wish to distract the public with the ever-exciting adventure of a powerfully pumping stock market and make you forget about the gross national product, joblessness, the destruction of a large percentage of small businesses, the glory of new medical procedures to effectively deal with the alleged pandemic and the wonderful experience of receiving free money from the government. So much goodness and excitement- forcing many of us who should not care at all-to focus on the stock market as the ultimate signatory of a sound economy

6 Charts Predict Economic Implosion: How YOU Can Take Cover

Now it may seem like a somewhat huge diversion, but Kitco News, a media product of a precious metal company, also delves into other types of assets and investments. David Lin, who I regard as a very widely educated and enthusiastic host, has shown up in The Future Blockchain Summit to interview Robert Gryn- in what could be one of the most exciting and poignant interviews I have ever witnessed. I wasn’t expecting it- but here it is.

Now in this interview, David, who has been an ardent gamer, interviews Robert Gryn, who has created an amazing portal- as he puts it- to something that might become a key component of the future metaverse. The metaverse, as Robert puts it, is a future digital reality where all types of digital destinations are integrated- so you can potentially step out of a robust game of 2030 Star Trek to meet the avatar of your personal accountant do discuss your crypto taxes- to just getting into the beginning of a virtual Rock ‘n’ Roll show concern featuring the life-like Beatle avatars performing a nostalgic “Yesterday.”

Right now, Robert is describing his invention, which features a huge mass of customized Sony cameras to quickly, for instance, take multiple pictures of a real human being to create a super-realistic avatar which could be used to have virtual meetings as described above, to rent out to game players or to star in components of future movies in which, perhaps, only a Minority of the actors are actual human beings.

Robert claims that he was fundamentally motivated to engage in the development of this Invention to incentivize potential newbies to cryptocurrency by offering them entertainment and gaming venues in virtual space. To this end, his new company, Metahero, features the Metahero crypto-token- in which you can pay to create your avatar but can also get paid for renting out your avatar for various purposes, including faming.

This futuristic portal takes you from the physical world into the digital–Metahero’s Robert Gryn

Follow Robert Gryn on Twitter: @Rob_Gryn ( https://twitter.com/Rob_Gryn )
Follow Metahero on Twitter: @Metahero_io ( https://twitter.com/Metahero_io )

How do I feel about this interview? Well, frankly, I love the idea of advanced virtual reality entertainment- but I hate the idea of losing more of our physical reality to automation. I mean do we have to use automation to pull out a paper towel, to flush a toilet, to turn on lights, or more seriously, to replace horses and driving, which are definitely very physical and sometimes skillful use of our bodies. Are we going to wind up being totally immobile creatures with big heads driving around in faster-than-light vehicles- or will our space trave be virtual as welll? Will adventures in real space also become entirely virtual andwukk we just sit in a mechanized virtual dome and be fed by robots with large straws and prefabricated foodstuffs while traveling throughout virtual worlds, perhaps even through the Cryptonics Galaxy.

I guess- with all this excitement- I don’t want to lose my humanity. Is this a real problem? Just look at the addiction to cell phones and social media? We may have lost several generations to that already- meaningless and excessive bantering about external realities that don’t really matter much. But what if we could strike a balance?

I don’t know- but I recently created a book called The Thrice Born, available on Amazon, Which also has a concomitant script- for a proposed three-part book and film project called, “Pray for the Angels.” Here’s our video promo below. Yeah, I would like it to be done in Virtual Reality. If I’m going to go to the movies, I think I would prefer a virtual experience.


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