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Success Mastery for New Years Resolutions
Victoria Bowmann -- Cleansing and Detoxification Victoria Bowmann -- Cleansing and Detoxification
Phoenix , AZ
Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Success Mastery for New Years Resolutions:

5 Steps for Developing Results
by Victoria Bowmann, PhD

January is almost half over and other people are becoming discouraged about their New Years resolutions. Are you? I hope not. Let's look at what we can do to be successful. The global dream of success is alive and doing very well, and you can have it if you simply take the time to learn how to get it.

Haven't we all heard, "it takes 21 days to create a habit?" It's true and it's not true. First of all, the chosen habit, which is what a resolution is, needs to have a commitment behind it. Start by saying, "I'm gonna do it. That's it. Period!" Say it again, with more gusto. Now take action. A decision must have action with 48 hours or it won't come to pass. A little action is a step in the right direction, so every little action builds success. Find one thing to do each day to support your decision. Whether it is 21 days later or 21 weeks later, you'll have created day-by-day, a success habit.

I like to think of Neil Armstrong when he stepped on the moon, "One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind." Leaps in progress don't happen all at once. NASA took decades to develop a space program to get us to the moon. Every day someone was working on that success. Yet we usually just remember the date of this final leap on July 20, 1969 even though it took thousands of small steps to get there. So, get started, and never stop.

Secondly, you will be successful if you don't quit. The winner is the one that gets up one more time than he fell. So, keep on, keeping on! I've heard it said, "It always works out in the end. And if it hasn't worked out, it's not the end." Our lives are each a journey, we're in it for the long haul. So see your resolution as a means to having a happier, healthier life. Perhaps you decided to begin working out at the gym, and you've already missed one workout. Okay! Don't go for perfection; go for excellence. Restructure your schedule and get back at it.

These are like "hiccups". They come, they go. When we have hiccups, it's seems to be the only thing we can focus on. Once they're gone, we forget we had them. So, missing a workout, it's just a hiccup. Reaffirm your commitment and take action.

Third, reinforce your resolution with pictures. If you haven't done a goal map, do it now. Goal maps are putting pictures of your intended goal on a poster or in a notebook. Let's say you want to lose weight, put on your map these words: "I'm trim and fit!" with pictures of things that you want to do. Bicycle riding, playing golf, swimming at the beach. Find pictures of activities with people looking the way you want to look and glue your face over theirs. See yourself that way. Instead of saying, "I'm going to lose 25 pounds" say, "I now weigh (goal weight here) pounds, healthy, happy and vibrantly alive." Look at your goal map at least twice daily for one minute each. Feel the actions of each picture.

A goal map needs to be in the present time. The phrase, "Future thinking is the tricky part" applies here. We can think of the movie, Back to the Future, and see yourself right now, how you plan to be. Pretend! Pretend in the present moment that it has already come to pass. It will!

Our fourth point is to talk the talk. Write down at least 29 short statements, mottos or phrases on note cards or in a list. Things like:

  • It always works out for me.
  • The difference between success and failure are the little things.
  • When I do the right things long enough, I will succeed.
  • I have an ongoing commitment to improvement.
  • I do what the other guys aren't willing to do.
  • What I want is going to happen.
  • I'm another step closer to my dreams.
  • My eyes are open to new possibilities.
  • I'm a winner!

Okay, so I've given you 9 phrases, you get to come up with 20 more. If you need a little help, send me an email at: vbowmann@cox.net and request them.

Every day, for 68 seconds, flip thru your note cards or read your list: out loud, with enthusiasm and anticipation of success. You might want to do this privately! Pretend you're cheering at a football game, for your team, the final play, for the win! Jump up and down! Be your own cheerleader. Get excited! Give it 68 seconds. Ready? Set? Go!

Our final step is a nightly review. As you crawl into bed each night, make this review part of your bedtime routine. Curl up and get comfy, think of the positives you've done today toward your resolution. Open one hand and count on your fingers: did I do one positive action towards my goal? Did I have a hiccup and how did I resolve it? Did I look at my goal map at least twice today? Did I spend 68 seconds on verbally declaring my statements and mottos, with enthusiasm? Now, tighten your fist for step five and say, "I'm gonna do it. That's it. Period."  Take a deep breath, sigh, relax and drift off to sleep, knowing that you are successfully moving toward your goal.

The global dream of success is alive and doing very well, and you can have it if you simply take the time to learn how to get it. I would like to invite you to a Success Mastery day, there's no charge and you can associate with others gearing up for success in their lives too. It's fun to mingle with others who take charge and get it done. On Saturday Jan 23rd there's an event in Phoenix/Mesa AZ that includes a free continental breakfast. In case you live outside of AZ, there are 13 additional events across the US through June 2016. Let me know so you can register. I'll see you at the top!

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