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Serving Wounded Warriors & Families for over 20 Years
Sharon Schlerf Sharon Schlerf
Richmond , VA
Monday, September 09, 2019

“Direction in an Age of Confusion©”

The Colonel's Daughter, Sharon Schlerf, Chaplain & co-founder of Beacon Institute: Veteran Pathways Home, co-creator of 'Courage to Change®' mental health programs, and well known author of numerous inspirational novels, introduces her pending non-fiction book "Direction in an Age of Confusion©"

"Our Wounded Warriors & Families need permanent supportive housing (PSH) that provides holistic body, mind, and spirit support services."

This is a unique time within our country's long history of aid and attendance for veterans, and now emerging needs for Post-911 service members, veterans, and families. Adding more who are younger with challenging mental health and physical disabilities, insufficient housing and supportive care services those that exclude their families. Most of America, not realizing services are limited, minimal continuum-of-care resources by US Department of Veterans Affairs, or other agencies, non-profits or community based organizations.

Sharon (Schlerf) Newcomb is an accomplished mental health professional, speaker, educator, and advocate, nationally known since 1996, as an expert on military family trauma, as well as general population family and community, disaster response, and effective crisis prevention and intervention including her book Ending Adolescent Violence: A Holistic Guide for Families, Schools & Communities (1998) and known media expert responding to Columbine and Virginia Tech campus events.

As so she's worked with government agencies, faith-based and non-profit organizations to provide answers and solutions to so many diverse and challenging questions: Why is this happening? How can we change the direction to a more positive future? How can I (my family, my community) be more effective and resilient?

Within the U.S. and abroad, violence affects everyone similarly. Any kind violence changes the whole body, physical, mind/emotion (soul), and spirit or core beliefs in some way, at some level. Consequently add millions of Service Members, Veterans, and Families (SMVF), plus Law Enforcement, and 1st Responders? All of these respond to crisis and violence as part of their 'job' with intense repercussions.  

Sharon, as the Chaplain, President, along with her husband Michael Newcomb, US Army Veteran, Vice-President of Beacon Institute: Veteran Pathways Home, share the mission, Michael's leadership as Executive Director of their 'Courage to Change' peer-to-peer mental health services. They share their own personal journeys-- surviving violence, as Ambassadors of Hope helping others help themselves.

Gallery Book Press LLC announces November 2019 release of Sharon's timely, informative, creatively done in her own unique writing style, resonating even more with facts, details, and a glimpse into the future "Direction in an Age of Confusion". In the meantime, read her 'The Sentinels' Blog www.gallerybookspress.com and 'The Colonel's Daughter' at www.veteranpathwayshome.org.

Since 1996, Sharon's book sales -- 90% of proceeds have been dedicated to public service, and with renewed passion, Blow the Trumpets Loudly!, When Hell Freezes Over (new Kindle versions 2018) and Direction in an Age of Confusion will fund Permanent Supportive Housing with Holistic Health Services, Warrior Way Project, for our Disable Warriors including their Families. As a military family member, daughter, sister, mother and grand-mother, she knows the Cost of Freedom and how to care for them.

Visit the Beacon Institute: Veteran Pathways Home website: http://www.veteranpathwayshome.org , sharing the message with others who struggle, and information on Courage to Change programs and resources through Michael Newcomb at either newcomb.michael@outlook.com or michaelnewcomb@veteranpathwayshome.org.

For Media or Interview Requests: Call Siera at Gallery Book Press 804-384-9325 ext 304  or Email: social@veteranpathwayshome.org.

Sharon Schlerf
Veteran Pathways Home
Williamsburg, VA
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