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Serial Killer Writer Has New Website as 2nd Book Approaches: Vonda Pelto Close w/ Serial Killers as They Talked Crimes Casually
Vonda Pelto, Ph.D. -- Serial Killer Expert Vonda Pelto, Ph.D. -- Serial Killer Expert
Los Angeles, CA
Monday, March 7, 2016

Vonda Pelto Sits on Charlie Manson's Bed on Cell Block in LA Men's Central Jail Where She Worked, 1979-82

Few of us would want to sit down and talk with brutal serial killers, most of them sexual predators, in order to get first hand descriptions of what they did, discuss their feelings and urges in committing such heinous deeds or to know if they felt any kind of remorse for their actions.  Vonda Pelto, Ph.D., a Clinical Psychologist, although not at the time, was brought in to the Los Angeles Men's Central Jail in 1979 to do just that with men like Kenneth Bianchi, the Hillside Strangler, William Bonin, the Freeway Killer and Douglas Clark, the Sunset Strip Killer.   For over three years (1979-82), with an office on the floor where they were housed, Vonda had constant contact with such characters in an effort to keep them engaged, and most importantly alive, as their trial dates loomed. 

That experience, after of starts and stops in the writing process because of punishing nightmares, became a book, Without Remorse: The Story of the Woman Who Kept Los Angeles' Serial Killer Alive, and now she has launched a new website at www.WithoutRemorseBook.com in anticipation of a second book and in an effort to get Without Remorse made into a movie.  It has numerous TV show interviews, articles, edited radio shows turned into targeted podcasts for subject based pages, a new blog and artifacts such as letters from serial killers and pictures of where she worked and scenes from "that place"

She was brought in when Vernon Butts, one of the Freeway Killers, committed jailhouse suicide and embarrassed the Los Angeles Sheriff and Health Department authorities regarding their security precautions with murderers awaiting trial. 

To say Vonda was changed by her experience is a huge understatement; it altered her whole life, changed the way she thought and negotiated life, coarsened her view of humanity, of course, and ushered in a salty, funny, precocious, witty and intellectually sharp personality with an eye towards helping people overcome their problems.  So many decades later the memories of those years are fresh and the nightmares never far away, always lurking in the background. 

Recent Interview with Vonda Pelto on Crime Watch Daily TV Show: 

One of her most surprising observations, at least to those unschooled in such people, is that "none of the serial killers I worked with exhibited any psychotic symptoms. I would classify them all as psychopaths, someone who is callous, devoid of empathy, lacks remorse or feelings of guilt.  Having the ultimate power over life and death made them feel strong and reduced their feelings of inadequacy.  I believe there is nothing a therapist, even Freud himself, could have done to stop these killers.  There are three indicators of sadism in children: cruelty to animals, wetting the bed into adolescence, and setting fires."

Serial Killers Not Crazy But Sociopathic, Vonda Pelto Gives Gruesome Details About Ones She Knew

Vonda confessed she could have easily fallen for the suave demeanor of Douglas Clark, who, with his girlfriend Carol Bundy, committed the brutal Sunset Strip Killings.  She observed that "most serial killers are white male, often clean-cut, and look like the boy next door. Don't ever believe that you can pick out a killer or child molester by their looks. Even psychologists can't do that.  I don't believe serial killers or child molesters can be rehabilitated or that the death penalty is a deterrent to killers like these.  However, it does keep them from committing another murder."

Talking with Serial Killers Daily, Flirts & Scary, Funny & Chilling & Interesting Says Vonda Pelto

Vonda's efforts to educate the public on the nature of serial killers has been a rough road as she relives again and again those memories.  She notes that many people suffer sexual and physical abuse and they don't become killers, but "just like you were born with certain characteristics, I believe these killers are born that way. They lack a conscience or empathy for other human beings. There is something missing in their genetic makeup—that's what allows them to torture and kill so easily. Bottom line, albeit perhaps a bit too simplistic: We need more research to improve our ability to spot serial or mass murderers at young ages."

For more about Vonda Pelto and to get a copy of Without Remorse: The Story of the Woman Who Kept Los Angeles' Serial Killers Alive go to www.WithoutRemorseBook.com.

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