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Schools Run by Fools? – CEO Opinions – Future of Education.
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Washington, DC
Sunday, February 14, 2021


Schools Run by Fools? – CEO Opinions – Future of Education.

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Are Our Schools Run by Fools?

By Michael J. Herman

Is it really a surprise to anyone that enrollment is so depressed?

Students need engagement. They need not only engagement, but interaction. In this highly digitized world in which this young generation lives, it's all about "Gamification" and on this issue educators and parents widely lose.

Connecting with students today is not rote. It is more intuition and suggestion. Education today has to compete with the digital distractions that constantly bombard the attention. Given the option, children will mentally check out of online learning when other stimuli are offered.

Michael J. Herman, Los Angeles




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CEOs Can Jeopardize Companies When They Go Public with Personal Opinions

Edward Segal, Crisis Management Expert

Goya's board of directors finally had enough of what CEO Robert Unanue had to say to the world in support of President Donald Trump's claims of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. As reported by CNN, recently the directors of the Latino food company voted to censure Unanue and prohibit him from speaking to the media without their consent.

Crisis management expert and author Edward Segal said, "Unanue is the latest business leader to suffer the consequences for going public with opinions and views counter to the best interests or policies of their companies and organizations."

Writing in a recent article for Forbes.com, Segal noted. "Whether via speeches, news interviews, or social media, corporate executives who give public voice to their private thoughts can inflict serious damage on their image, credibility, and career prospects—not to mention the reputation, relations with customers, and the bottom line of their organizations."

Edward Segal, Washington, DC




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What's Next for Higher Education

Ira S. Wolfe -- Success Performance Solutions

The COVID-19 Pandemic has created massive disruption in the realm of higher education. Students are facing depersonalized, unengaging methods of learning through screens. But what if e-learning didn't have to be so "distant"? Higher education is on the brink of a digital revolution.

Elliot Grossbard is the VP of growth at ElevateU, an AI textbook publishing and e-learning platform, disrupting the field of higher education by bridging the gaps between classroom learning and online instruction. ElevateU aims to personalize the modern learning experience and stop the educational bleeding caused by ineffective methods of digital learning. To achieve this, ElevateU recognizes there must be a collaboration between both administrative and academic forces, as well as their partners, within educational institutions.

Ira S Wolfe, Lehigh Valley ,PA




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