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Puppy Problems -- Collectors vs. Speculators -- Disordered Eating
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Washington, DC
Sunday, May 16, 2021


Puppy Problems -- Collectors vs. Speculators -- Disordered Eating

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For our Littlest Readers, Meet Animals thru a Dog Who Wants to Chase Them in "No Guppy, Puppy!"

Tamira Ci Thayne

No Guppy, Puppy!

The Puppy Problems Series

Written and Illustrated by Tamira Thayne

No Guppy, Puppy! introduces our littlest readers to lots of new animal friends as we learn about Puppy's little problem: he likes to chase animals!

But guess what? The other animals don't want to be chased. So Mom gives Puppy something fun and safe to do for each animal they meet.

Tamira Thayne

Amissville, VA




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Collectors vs. Speculators; when fights break out

Richard Gottlieb -- Toy Industry Expert

On Wednesday of this week, a fight broke out over trading cards in a Milwaukee, Target parking lot. The police came. People were arrested. Target is no longer carrying trading cards.

As Washington Post writer David Bogage puts it in his article, "'Collectibles versus commodities': "As Target halts sales of trading cards, collectors reckon with fast-changing hobby:"

The baseball card industry — a blanket term for all trading cards, including popular game and collection brands Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh — has exploded during the pandemic, according to aficionados, as people reengage with old habits, and many face financial pressures…Demand at retail establishments, especially big-box stores, has swelled, collectors say, as enterprising card "flippers" descend on stores, purchase their inventories and resell them at sometimes four or five times their retail price online,

Richard Gottlieb

New York, NY

646-675-3019 Cell



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Author Alyson Gerber's timely novel about disordered eating

With TAKING UP SPACE, Gerber is changing the narrative around self-worth, body image, and food for the next generation. After a year of restrictions and lockdowns, disordered eating is on the rise, and it's more important than ever to deepen our understanding of food trauma. Half of all American kids want to be thinner and more than half feel better when they're restricting food. This isn't just a problem in the U.S. It's happening to a lot of kids around the world and studies show these numbers keep increasing. There is so much shame and secrecy in struggling with food and body image. With TAKING UP SPACE, Alyson brings these challenges out into the open. Especially now, with Mental Health Awareness month and Children's Mental Health Awareness week fast approaching in May, it is vital to make more space for these conversations and stories -- our health depends on it.

Media Contact: Elena Stokes

Director of Publicity

Wunderkind PR, Inc.




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Mitchell P. Davis -- Editor and Publisher of www.ExpertClick.com

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Mitchell Davis

Washington, DC




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10 Steps to Make It by the Gatekeepers (in 2021!)

Shawn Casemore - Accelerate Sales Growth


Need I say more?

It seems their sole mission in their professional life is to protect the time of your prospect.

Sometimes they've been told to "screen all calls," and other times they're given full control to manage their boss's inbox.

Whether the role has been assigned or is simply seen as a way of helping their boss, gatekeepers can make prospecting a challenge.

For years there have been discussions on how to get around the gatekeeper.

You've likely heard ideas like "bring them a coffee" or "become their friend."

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

519) 379-7697



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What To Do When Things Go Wrong In Business and How To Create Potential For the Next Sale

Jeffrey Gitomer ---- Sales Expert

Jen recently took our dog, Zoe, to get groomed. When she picked Zoe up, Zoe's eye was bloodshot. She had clearly gotten something in her eye, and it was infected.

The groomer had two options at that moment. She could have avoided responsibility. She could have said, "That didn't happen here. You must have brought her in like that," pushing the blame onto other people.

But instead, she took full ownership. She explained what happened, recommended a vet in the area, and offered to pay for the vet visit. And she followed up with Jen after the vet appointment to see if Zoe was doing okay. She did everything right.

What's amazing about this is that now, Jen completely trusts this groomer and will bring Zoe back in the future. And she'll recommend her to other pet owners.

This situation could have ended very differently if the groomer hadn't taken responsibility. Jen would never have wanted to go back there. But because the groomer owned up to her mistake and communicated genuine care, she built trust that will lead to future sales.

Charlotte, NC




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How to Use Your Intuition To Be More Creative

Kathryn Brown Ramsperger -- Author & Intuitive Life Coach(R)

You're on deadline, and you're behind. You're sitting at your keyboard, tapping letters then hitting delete. Over and over. Only an hour left. Why can't you just get the words out? You decide to take a walk before you confess to your boss you'll be late. You're imagining your promotion going down the drain. Then! You walk out the door and see a bright red leaf falling from the clear blue sky. And you have it! You race back in and finish your project in no time flat.

How did that happen? Here's how: You allowed your intuition and creativity to connect. They can only work together if you allow it. You have to move over and invite them in. Here's how to use your intuition to be more creative.

Realize creativity and intuition are similar.

First, know how they're connected. Creativity and intuition are not synonymous, but they are next door neighbors. For that matter, intuition, far from being scary, is as normal as your neighbor next door. Intuition feeds creation. Creativity fuels your intuition. So why not let them be friends?

Bethesda, MD




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Why Some Women Get Hot Flashes and Some Don't

Mache Seibel, MD -- Menopause Expert, Speaker, Editor HotYearsMag.com

Have you ever had a hot flash so intense you sweated through your jeans?

What if I told you it wasn't your Levis that are in question; it's your other genes.

You probably have friends who have worse hot flashes than you, and some who you feel have it easy. Have you ever wondered why? Why are aren't hot flashes the same in every woman?

A new study in the journal Menopause has an interesting and really, logical answer…it's in your genes. We know that black women have more hot flashes than white women, and Chinese and Japanese women have fewer hot flashes than white women.

And then there is the question, Why do some women start having them so young, while others only have a few power surges later in life? and Why do hot flashes last for more than a decade in other women?

This study involved over 1,200 women from different ethnic groups. The researchers found that the same genetic factors that predict the age of menopause also play a role in how long and how bad a woman will experience her hot flashes. And even though in general black women have more hot flashes than white women who have more hot flashes than Chinese and Japanese women, in each of those groups, the ones with a certain type of gene had the worst hot flashes, no matter what ethnic group they were from.

Boston, MA




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The Essence of Money Video From: Thomas H. Greco, Jr.

From www.GeorgetownCash.com

Mitchell Davis



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