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Presentation Excellence Announces Presentation Mastery Workshop
Jerry Cahn, PhD, JD - Trusted Advisor - Coach to Leaders Jerry Cahn, PhD, JD - Trusted Advisor - Coach to Leaders
New York, NY
Thursday, February 5, 2015



Presentation Mastery Workshop Trains Executives to Present Like a Pro


New York, NY – February 5, 2014. Presentation Excellence, a leading provider of presentation training and strategic consulting services for executives, announced that a full-day Presentation Mastery Workshop will take place on April 2, 2014 in New York City.


The Presentation Mastery Workshops are designed for senior executives with sales, marketing, investor, management other leadership responsibilities. It focuses on five areas affecting presentation effectiveness:

  • SubstanceWhat's Important Now versus what's distractive clutter
  • Structure – Organizing content to flow to its logical conclusion: motivate action.
  • Style – Keeping language simple yet powerful, using attractive supportive visuals, be aligned with the speaker's style and resonate audience's needs.
  • Speaker skills –The presenter's goal is project a "leader presence" by being authentic to generate trust, communicating dynamically and connecting with the audience. To "sell your ideas", speakers need to exude competence and confidence, and transfer enthusiasm,
  • Setting – Consider the impact of time of day, place, relationship with audience and communication channel (face-to-face vs. virtual presentations) have on the presentation.


"Increasingly, executives are being challenged by the need to focus on both content and style in order to present a compelling presentation that achieves its goal, and do so with confidence", said Jerry Cahn, Ph.D., J.D., who leads the workshop. "The stakes are getting higher and with the competition also getting training to improve, you need to be the most powerful presenter that you can be. Participants get enormous value from our program because they begin thinking about the issues two weeks before the actual one-day workshop and have two more weeks after it to apply what they learned."


Dr. Cahn has helped thousands of executives design and deliver winning presentations. He was CEO of Brilliant Image, a leading presentation graphics firm that serviced 5000+ of the most demanding clients – executives at investment banks, VC firms, Fortune 500 firms and public companies doing IPOs and other road shows, etc.  He served president of the International Association of Presentation Professionals (IAPP), working with other service bureau and equipment leaders to set the standards for the industry. Today, he is also the Chairman of the Presentation Excellence Group which includes Presentation Excellence, Vistage New York, Commanding Strategies and Mentoring Internships. An attorney, psychologist, entrepreneur and business leader, He shares his expertise and insights as a teacher for CUNY and USST (China) and keynote, workshop and webinar speaker through Better Way Workshops and Webinars; He also has a blog on the Presentation Excellence Group website.


The Presentation Mastery program actually lasts four weeks. Two weeks prior to attending the program, attendees submit a needs assessment survey and a sample PowerPoint to use in the class. At the workshop, the morning focuses on teaching the fundamentals of presentation effectiveness and address typical challenges faced by presenters. In the afternoon, attendees practice presenting and use what they learned in the morning to critique the presentation and delivery, and get feedback from the group and instructor. After the workshop, attendees have two weeks in which to edit their presentations and submit them to Dr. Cahn for more feedback. Additional coaching for future presentations also is available. The goal is to deliver winning presentations with power and impact by being authentic, confident and connect with the audience so they want to act on your message.


To register for the program, visit http://presentationexcellence.com/prestraining.php. The cost of the program is $995; there is an early-bird discount of $200.


For more information, contact jerrycahn@presentationexcellence.com or contact 800-493-1334.

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