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Political TV Ads...what really works.
Adam Armbruster -- Television Advertising Expert Adam Armbruster -- Television Advertising Expert
Sarasota, FL
Monday, November 2, 2015


Political TV advertising....Why it works.

Here are 3 reasons political TV ads work plus 3 ways to make it work for a candidate:

Why it works:

1. TV reaches more people, faster, than any other medium including the Internet. (There is a reason that Google spends 2 million dollars a week on TV ads). This instant "scale" in advertising allows immediate impact on the poplulation in a given city and much quicker response of a new political message.

2. It's a human medium. Humans love story time and TV allows a candidate to move from just being a "name" to becoming a "person" though storytelling and soft endorsements by people that voters can identify with as themselves.

3. It's got wow factor. Americans love celebrities and TV makes you a star no matter how much talent you may or may not really possess. TV gives candidates a platform to share vision with the celebrity factor already working to their advantage.

How to make political TV ads work:

1. Use close ups. Use the large American TV screens to your advantage. Close ups make you seem as if you are actually in the room with the viewer. Close ups create importance of thought. Use this to drive home key phrases or concerns you have about the state of affairs as they stand and what you'll do to change things.

2. Use broadcast televiison to get large audience scale and a sense of "local". People watching the local news will see you as part of their community and you will seem approachable.

3. Ask for the order. Ask voters for their vote. Many political TV ads never ask and this is a large error. Make sure you ask the viewer to do something... or they will do nothing at all.






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