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Parent List From Change Masters Incorporated
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Dateline: Minneapolis , MN
Thursday, May 02, 2019


Scott Mautz wrote and article in Inc. Magazine about words parents should use when raising children. Looking at the list, I see the opportunity to also use the list in the workplace. The list in quotes is from Mautz and the comments for each are from me.

  1. Your practice is paying off.” Specific feedback about productive behaviors.
  2. I don’t know.” Acknowledge what is often true and leads to learning. Vulnerability is OK.
  3. Is that really true?” Dealing with facts has many benefits. Unproductive norms and assumptions can be overcome.
  4. I’m sorry.” Forgiveness of our self and others is very productive. A sincere apology goes a long way. It demonstrates awareness and opens the door for reconciliation.
  5. I hear you.” Being willing to acknowledge another view even when we disagree builds bridges and often opens others to hear a view they initially do not agree with from their perspective.
  6. What do you think?” Valuing others thoughts is respectful. It can also provide a new perspective that informs your view of reality.
  7. You were right.” Acknowledging someone was right, particularly if you initially disagreed is a sign of maturity and confirmation you are looking for the best answer.
  8. I trust you.” Being trusted touches people at a fundamental level. Most people will be incented to maintain your trust. They are also more likely to trust you.
  9. I’m sure you can do it.” Overcoming hesitation is a key to progress. It is particularly powerful when it is a new task or responsibility.
  10. You decide.” Giving someone the responsibility for a good choice creates a natural ownership and accountability for the decision.
  11. I love you.” Scott Peck’s definition of love is that you desire the spiritual growth and well-being of another person. In the workplace, we often do not use the work “love”, but the caring a leader has for others is felt strongly when they demonstrate Peck’s definition of love.
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