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PRACTICAL CONSCIOUS CREATION Honored with Five Major Book Awards!
Jackie Lapin  -- Conscious Media Relations Jackie Lapin -- Conscious Media Relations
Agoura Hills, CA
Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Practical Conscious Creation Wins FIVE Book Awards
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Jackie Lapin
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PRACTICAL CONSCIOUS CREATION Honored with Five Major Book Awards!

Tapped as the Best Spiritual/New Age Book of the Year
The best Spiritual/New Age book of the year? It's Practical Conscious Creation: Daily Techniques to Manifest Your Desires, by Jackie Lapin, hands down--newly announced winner of FIVE prestigious book awards.

The book's honors include being named best Spiritual Book of the Year by the influential Coalition of Visionary Resources at the most recent International New Age Trade Show, and it won the same accolade at the Los Angeles Book Festival. This week it was selected best New Age book by the Indie Excellence Awards. Practical Conscious Creation was also chosen winner of The Pinnacle Achievement Award by the North American Bookdealers Exchange and was awarded a Silver Medal by the Independent Publisher Book Awards.

"I'm so deeply grateful for all of this recognition for a book that is fun and easy to read, yet powerful in its life changing messages," said author Jackie Lapin. "Practical Conscious Creation enables us each to integrate high vibrational, positive, Law of Attraction thought and behavior patterns into each and every day, so that we can truly become better, faster manifestors of whom we want to be and what we want to bring forth in our lives."

Practical Conscious Creation breaks new ground by providing a manual for applying Conscious Creation principles on a daily basis to anchor these practices and speed up the manifestation process. It brings Lapin's unique take on Conscious Creation down to the cellular level—charging each day with Practical Conscious Creation wisdom--employing this powerful form of inspired thought in all actions, decisions, and routines.

Filled with specific and imaginative practices, Practical Conscious Creation teaches you how to use the Law of Attraction with Conscious Visualization to proactively choose your future, rather than merely passively waiting for something to happen. Seventy articles provide the step-by-step actions to achieve a greater sense of empowerment and a more satisfying lifestyle.

"It's not enough to know how Law of Attraction works and apply it occasionally. By making Practical Conscious Creation a WAY OF LIFE, people can avoid slipping into old habits and beliefs," says Lapin, a successful author, entrepreneur and Practical Conscious Creation coach. "Consistency is what leads to change and Practical Conscious Creation provides the tools to retrain yourself in creative and fun ways."

Readers will discover chapters on Trust and Expansion, Wealth and Prosperity, Conscious Living, Compassion and Love, Romance and Relationships, Business, Health, Happiness and Peace, Clarity, Personal Expression, Daily Application and more.
Between each of the 70 individual articles are additional short tips that mirror the topic's chapter.

Practical Conscious Creation is chocked full of meaty information and creative inspiration. With this book, readers will:

• Learn to Use The Power Of Your Directed Thought To Pave The Way For Greater Happiness and Contentment
• Find Out How to Get Comfortable with Change and Risk
• Break Through Mental/Emotional/Energetic Roadblocks and Limitations
• Live Life More Deeply and More Deliciously
• Jumpstart Their Abundance and Flow
• Empower Their Relationships and Love Generously
• Express Themselves Fully and With Passion
• Live More Consciously and with Greater Zest
• Savor Every Day and Discover the Freedom Within

It is the second in Lapin's masterful Practical Conscious Creation series. Her first book, The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World--an Amazon.com bestseller like Practical Conscious Creation--was also widely acclaimed.

Practical Conscious Creation is priced $19.95 and is available at www.jackielapin.com and www.findhornpress.com.

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