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One Person, One Vote, Once
Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Empire and Climate Expert Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Empire and Climate Expert
Madison, WI
Monday, December 20, 2021



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As an authoritarian wave sweeps the world and the nation in recent years, we have reached the point where one of America's presidents has attempted to become the modern equivalent of the first Roman emperor, as dictatorship replaces republic.  It has been said "choose your enemies well, for soon you will be like them."  And so it becomes after a five decade Cold War that we have become more authoritarian and they have become more democratic.  So the Communist threat of only getting one chance to vote for a permanent choice is becoming more real every day.  Trump Republicans are changing the laws in the states allowing partisan control of the election process so that election results can be reversed by corrupt authorities and state legislatures.  When that happens, democracy dies.  Especially when they are using the threat of force like on the January 6th attack on the capital building and congress.  Blatant law breaking and violence welcoming are the hallmarks of the "former guy" proto-fascism, from welcoming illegal Russian help in his initial election, to planning the 2020 re-election in the Spring with seven phone calls to Putin.  Not to mention the grifting including threatening Qatar (where we have a major naval base) with a blockade until they granted his son-in-law an $800,000 mortgage on the underperforming 666 Fifth Avenue building.  That is the same building where Trump's campaign manager colluded to hand over 75 pages of campaign strategy to a Russian agent, including targeting the upper Midwest.  Trump loves dictators and considers democratic leaders too weak.  Lie as much as it takes and brainwash your base against the institutions vital to democracy like a free press.  Fox News, Newsmax, and One America Now are all under the spell of the Trump Cult.  When truth dies, so does democracy.


Roger Stone has a Proud Boy bodyguard and is undoubtably the "cut out" coordinating between Trump and the "coordinated military assault" on January 6 led by the leader of the Proud Boys against the capital.  This is the same role he served in the 2016 election as he kept in touch with wiki-leaks and Julian Assange and kept Trump informed and prepared to exploit the information from Russian hacking into Hillary Clinton's campaign.  This illegal foreign help was an enormous help in Trump's win.  Six congressman and two Senators (Cruz and Hawley) worked with the coup plotters, but will they ever be indicted for insurrection?  Merrick Garland seems to be risk averse to charging the obvious plotters, making the usual law enforcement mistake of charging the small fry and letting the mafia leaders go.

Joe Manchin

Despite representing the poorest state, Joe has said "they won't benefit" from the Build Back Better bill he now thinks is excessive.  He thinks its inflationary despite being paid for unlike the "bipartisan infrastructure bill" which stole funding left over from the Covid Rescue bill.  He seems to fail to understand that universal pre-school and daycare provisions will let women desperately needed for the changing economy provide the workforce businesses are looking for.  How is lowering drug prices and saving diabetic lives inflationary?    


Inflation is real but caused by the pandemic.  If we had vaccinated Vietnamese factory workers in time another 100,000 more cars could be produced in America this coming year.  When relief payments could not be spent on personal services due to shut-downs and fears, the extra money that would normally go there, had to go to goods instead, and together with shortages drove up the cost of many goods.  Gas prices that dropped during the pandemic have come back strong as the economy rebounds.  Biden has acted releasing gas reserves and used his foreign policy experience to rally many other countries to join him.  Republicans are unfairly blaming him and pretending this is potentially a worsening problem over time, rather than a problem that will go away when the pandemic ends.  So the poor pandemic response of Trump which has led to 800,000 deaths in America is causing all kinds of problems that Republicans then blame the new president for.  Just like the sabotage in Afghanistan, Trump negotiates a surrender to the Taliban and stops processing visas of Afghans who helped for that last year, leading directly to Republicans make messes that Democrats fix, then the Republicans blame the Democrats.


The American people mistake Republicans, the party of business, as the party of economic growth.  Actually the Democrats have a higher average economic growth rate than Republicans for the last century and more.  Three out of four Democratic presidents have higher growth while three out of four Republican presidents have lower growth.  Why?  Because Republicans want tax breaks for the rich which doesn't work, because sales drive business growth not capital.  The Democrats want the money in the hands of the middle and working class, which does drive sales and economic growth.  The Republicans favor big business, a net job loser usually, instead of small business which has always been the real engine of economic growth and jobs.


The filibuster has always been a tool of mainly racists and used rarely in the past, about once a year in the past.  This everyday use of the filibuster on everything is a Senator Mitch McConnell abuse.  Blocking everything Biden, hurting America doesn't matter, just gum things up and then blame the Democrats for everything is the way to kill a democratic republic in favor of an autocratic plutocracy.  Gerrymandering is so extreme that once done can create a permanent one party state.  Corruption is when politicians choose their voters and voters have no choice in who represents them.  This once in a decade chance to balance this problem should not be blocked by minority Republican votes.  We cannot allow the party of anger to keep taking advantage of the party of kindness.   Comedian Trevor Noah, biracial from South Africa, considers America an angry country.  Seventy five years of high military spending empire can make you that way.  By the way, Trevor Noah took a pay cut to take the Daily Show job.

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