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One Man a River of Healing to His People: Jesse Cannone’s Gaze Splits in to a Thousand Tributaries & Creeks of Therapeutic Care
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Marina Del Rey , CA
Thursday, December 07, 2017

Jesse Cannone

An ancient expression goes something like this; the man didn't choose The Mission; The Mission chose the man. Through a sequence of preparation, events and circumstance, one arises to lead the way forward, often against the odds, for a family, a people or a country. In the case of Jesse Cannone, it was his own back pain, the path he found to alleviate that pain, which brought forth a mission that has blossomed into something far beyond his own imagining. While in the main this is not an uncommon scenario, where Jesse Cannone's world now exists is way past the common and a wonder to behold; he is co-founder of The Healthy Back Institute, holds certifications in Post-Rehabilitation Specialist, Specialist in Performance Nutrition, Advanced Level Fitness Trainer and Master Fitness Trainer, author of the best-selling The 7-Day Back Pain Cure and hundreds of articles, co-host of a radio show that transmits a wealth of vital info and a recognized expert on back pain, health, fitness and natural solutions to chronic pain and illnesses.

While editing a bunch of his one-hour radio shows into short, subject based radio show podcasts, involving editing for cleaning and breaking down the audio files, I learned how wide-ranging Jesse Cannone's expertise, knowledge and interest was as the subjects ranged from back pain causes and solutions to from goal setting and diet planning; from fibromyalgia symptoms to migraines causes and fitness regimens to chronic fatigue syndrome; from reinventing yourself and overcoming anxiety to Oriental Medicine and Prolozone therapy, just to name a few. He was well versed in all the discussions, usually with renowned experts, and provided insightful info from the perspective of his own experiences and those with clients and friends facing similar challenges.    

In recent months, I encountered a number of fitness trainers who struck me as Healers in their own right, and it got me to thinking about Jesse Cannone. Not only is he a Healer, Jesse is just like the great Bedouin leader Auda Abu Tayi, played by Anthony Quinn in the epic classic Lawrence of Arabia, who loudly and proudly proclaims, "I am a river to my people." Now, since he would never proclaim it like Auda Abu Tayi did in that famous movie scene, I am here, speaking for myself as an observer and one who overcame a serious illness thru some strategies learned from his work, to say that Jesse Cannone is "a mighty river of healing to his people, one that flows into thousands of lovely tributaries and meandering creeks of therapeutic care depending on day, time and location."

Coming from a hard scrabble childhood, this unlikely guy is all about His Mission to help others overcome pain and suffering thru natural solutions, which means a focused multi-pronged approach involving as few doctors as possible while endeavoring to avoid pharmaceutical medications and viewing surgery as a last resort.

Thru sheer will power, hard work, tenacity and brains, either directly or indirectly, thru The Healthy Back Institute, books, articles, videos and, I'm proud to say, edited radio show podcasts, his methods and messages have helped scores of people around the world. Jesse Cannone assembled a team of pros who develop and create a host of products, supplements, regimens and information that is disseminated worldwide thru the glory of the online revolution.  

Across the bumps and bruises along the way, because nothing in life worth attaining is easy, Jesse Cannone has adjusted, learned and continued forward. Listen to the podcasts at https://soundcloud.com/losethebackpain and find out about this "mighty river of healing."

Michael Joseph Butler

E.B. GO Vision Media