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Ogilvy PR tips, RNC braces for Isaac, NASDAQ marketing ace dies, Tide’s marketing secrets, Blowfish blows minds
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Friday, August 24, 2012


 Friday, August 24, 2012


Ogilvy's Habits of PR Success: How to Gain a Following Outside of Social Media Channels

Public Relations...By Kate Cronin, Managing Director of Ogilvy Public Relations

Regardless of your area of expertise, there is no question that social media is a critical factor in the field of public relations today, not only as a communications channel for your clients to consider, but also when building your own personal brand online. From monitoring and responding to important client issues in real-time, gaining valuable insights directly from your target audience, and building a strong professional network on sites like LinkedIn...

Marketing Case Studies: Tide - From Technical Breakthrough to Long-Term Money Machine (Part 1)

Marketing Case Studies... By Patrick Barwise and Sean Meehan

Editor's note: The initial launch of Tide, the first heavy-duty synthetic laundry detergent, in 1946 was a textbook breakthrough technical innovation. But the reason why Tide became a long-term money machine is six and a half decades of relentless, consumer-focused incremental innovation, say the authors in this case study ... Even as it was launching Tide, P&G was working on process innovations to expand capacity and reduce costs and product innovations to ensure that it consistently delivered its core promise - cleaning power - better than rivals Lever and Colgate.

Blowfish: A Private Life in Public Relations - Episode VIII - "Short Trips"

PR Fiction... By Steve Lundin, BigFrontier

Recap: Jack Vance, the colorful CEO of Blowfish Communications, has been hired to engineer the launch of VGlobe a new online video network. The cornerstone of his launch campaign is Some Will Die, a reality weight loss program engineered to render all contestants dead. Their proposed host, Vladimir Berber, has just been release from a Mexican jail on manslaughter charges but refuses to leave his cell. Meanwhile, Tom Agness, Blowfish's former Chief Creative Director has an axe to grind with Vance and has engineered a plan to trump Vance's launch and sold it to Vance's competitor, Roger Drab of Drab and Associates, in exchange for a job.

International Investors: An Overlooked Opportunity?

IR Therefore I Am... By Gene Marbach, SVP, Makovsky+Co.

Let's see... Your annual investor relations itinerary typically consists of appearances at a number of brokerage-sponsored conferences and perhaps some sell-side supported road shows to Boston, Chicago, New York and other towns. You might hit other cities such as Minneapolis, Denver and Milwaukee. You might even schedule an analyst day... What about international markets such as London, Frankfurt, Edinburgh? Are they on your itinerary?



Is Content Marketing a New Public Relations Discipline?

By Sarah Skerik, VP, PR Newswire for the Agile Engagement Channel

Is content marketing really PR? The immediate answer is "No," but after a moment's reflection, that answer may start to inch toward "Maybe." The practice of public relations is about influencing public opinion and guarding reputation. Content marketing is focused ultimately on outcomes like lead generation and sales. In terms of the old marketing funnel describing the different stages in the buying cycle (awareness, consideration, preference, choice) construct, PR is arguably more "upper funnel," because it builds awareness and reputation.


Public Relations News

Crisis Planning: RNC Braces for Unwelcome Guest in Tropical Storm Isaac

Fox News Latino

Tampa-area law enforcement say tropical storm Isaac, which could become a hurricane by Friday, could put a damper on the Republican National Convention. Officials say the storm could make it tough for other Florida police agencies to send all the officers expected to help with security at the Republican National Convention. About 3,500 officers from 59 agencies around Florida are expected to help with crowd control. About half are coming from outside Tampa and Hillsborough County. Depending on Isaac's track, that means some agencies could be forced to keep their officers at home for disaster response. Hillsborough County Sheriff David Gee said Thursday he planned to speak with Gov. Rick Scott to discuss sending more National Guard troops to help with security if other officers are diverted for storm duty elsewhere. The Secret Service is in charge of everything inside the convention hall. Isaac also posed a threat to next week's Republican National Convention in Tampa, where officials said they were ready to take emergency measures even as 70,000 delegates, journalists and protesters descend on the city ...

Media Moves: News Corp. Digital Chief Jon Miller to Exit

Ad Age Digital Next

Jon Miller, News Corp.'s chief digital officer, is leaving the media giant at the end of September as the company prepares to split into separate entertainment and publishing businesses. He will serve as an advisor to the company through 2013, News Corp. said in a statement. Since his hiring in 2009, Mr. Miller has set out to create a unified digital strategy for the company across businesses. He oversaw a turnaround attempt at MySpace, which the company bought for $580 million in 2005, but also its eventual sale to the ad network Specific Media, which paid $35 million for it. Mr. Miller has also been News Corp.'s representative on Hulu's board. Earlier this year News Corp. contributed to $45 million in new funding for Roku, which streams digital video to TVs, in a deal that made Mr. Miller a Roku director ...


Marketing News

L. Brian Holland, Nasdaq "Marketing Ace" Behind Ads, Dies at 67


L. Brian Holland, the marketing executive who fueled the growth of the Nasdaq (NDAQ) Stock Market by harnessing the power of television advertising to build a brand, has died. He was 67. Holland died of a heart attack on Aug. 14 at his farm in Greensboro, Maryland, according to his daughter, Megan. He arrived at Nasdaq in 1989 as senior vice president of marketing after working at ad agencies J. Walter Thompson USA and Wells Rich Greene and at Chase Manhattan Bank. Nasdaq -- the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations -- had opened for business in 1971 as the first electronic stock market, focusing first on over-the-counter shares. In 1989, "the exchange was in the shadow of the 1987 crash and had lost 10 percent of its companies," Holland recalled in a 2000 interview with Industry Week. "My task was to stop that outflow and to increase market share of new companies that were listing." ...

Fab Abs? FTC Says Not. Marketers Pay Up to $25M

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Companies marketing the Ab Circle Pro exercise device have agreed to pay as much as $25 million in refunds to customers to settle federal regulators' charges of deceptive advertising. The Federal Trade Commission says it was deceptive to promise that people could lose 10 pounds in two weeks by using the abdominal exercise device for only three minutes a day. The TV infomercials touted the fiberglass disk with handlebars and knee rests selling for $200 to $250. The FTC had filed a civil lawsuit against the companies. In the settlements announced Thursday, Fitness Brands Inc., Fitness Brands International Inc., Direct Holdings Americas Inc. and Direct Entertainment Media Group Inc. agreed to pay a total of at least $15 million and up to $25 million, depending on the amount of refunds requested. Consumers should carefully evaluate advertising claims for weight-loss products, the FTC said ...


IR News

Citigroup Assails Nasdaq Over Flawed Facebook I.P.O

New York Times

Citigroup is not happy with Nasdaq's response to Facebook's ill-fated initial public offering. In a 17-page letter sent to the Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday, the bank sharply criticized Nasdaq for its "mishandling" of the I.P.O. and its subsequent compensation offer. Citigroup said Nasdaq's $62 million proposal would only cover "fraction of its total losses." Nasdaq was grossly negligent in its handling of the Facebook I.P.O., and as such, Citi should be entitled to recover all of its losses attributable to Nasdaq's gross negligence, not just a very small fraction as is currently the case," the bank said in its letter. Nasdaq adamantly disagrees with Citigroup's contention, according to two people with knowledge of the matter. Nasdaq's customers are required to sign a contract agreeing to the exchange's rules before they begin trading on the exchange, these people said. A representative of Nasdaq declined to comment on Wednesday ...

Social Media Compliance Isn't Fun, But It's Necessary

Harvard Business Review

On May 24, 2012, Goldman Sachs did something it had never done in its venerable 143-year history. It tweeted. "We are now live on Twitter (finally) at the GS Annual Meeting," chirped the inaugural tweet. "Follow us here for updates on our work, our research, and our people." 132 characters for Goldman; one giant leap for the Twitterverse. So why did one of the planet's biggest investment banks - and its 33,300 employees - hold out so long? For highly regulated sectors like finance, social media can be a legal minefield. Goldman's communications are scrutinized by an alphabet soup of state and federal regulators to ensure investors enjoy a level playing field. All activity - every last post, tweet, check-in, and poke related to business - must be recorded and archived. Firms can be held liable for tweets fired off from an employee's iPhone, outside the office, and after working hours. Even something as innocuous as clicking the Like symbol next to a Facebook post could run afoul of the SEC ...


CorpComm News

Crisis Communications: Penn State Prez Launches Offensive PR Offensive

NY Daily News

Dr. Graham Spanier, the former President of Penn State University who resigned after it came to light that he failed to alert law enforcement or child services about Jerry Sandusky's molestation of children on campus, went on a public relations offensive this week, appearing on news shows defending himself and directing his lawyers to blast the report on Penn State's institutional failure to stop child abuse produced by former FBI Director Louis Freeh. While Spanier and his counsel were able to grab the headlines for a day, he may have talked himself right into an indictment and could be joining former Penn State administrators Tim Curley and Gary Schultz, who are charged with failing to report suspected child abuse, as well as perjury, and are set for trial in January. Spanier, who testified before the grand jury that indicted Sandusky, Curly and Schultz, went on ABC and admitted an email was sent to him in 1998 regarding Sandusky being investigated by the police ...

Nationwide Insurance in Midst of PR Agency Review

Ad Age Digital Next

Nationwide Insurance has invited a number of firms to participate in a review for its PR agency-of-record business. "It's part of a periodic review to make sure we have the right partner in place to help manage and promote Nationwide's reputation in the marketplace," said a Nationwide spokesman. He added that the company has invited specific firms to participate in a closed process, and the review does not involve any other types of agency relationships. The company has been working with Omnicom's Fleishman-Hillard since 2004. The agency is participating in the review. "We are very proud of the work we have done with Nationwide Insurance for the past eight years," said a Fleishman-Hillard spokeswoman. "We look forward to the opportunity to continue and build on that relationship." ...


Advertising News

TV Ads Far More Influential Than Online Ads, Survey Says


An online survey of British adults finds 57 percent say TV is the most-effective advertising medium, followed by newspapers (15 percent) and magazines (13 percent). Online sources such as search, banner ads or video ads were picked as most-effective by only 3 or 4 percent each. Paul Lee, the Deloitte research director behind the study, says that "the traditional TV advertising model is neither broken nor breaking. It has, for the fourth year running, maintained its ranking as the advertising medium with the greatest impact and by a clear margin." The study does not address the threat to TV in the emerging era of cord-cutting and Internet streaming video. While TV may be a superior delivery mechanism for advertisers, that value disappears if audiences cancel cable and satellite subscriptions en masse ...

Election Ads: Equal Time for Politicians May Mean Less Ad Time for Other Marketers

Ad Age Digital Next

The biennial fall wave of political advertising used to be something commercial advertisers could anticipate and surf. Come September, that may prove impossible thanks to yet another advertising first triggered by the staggering parameters of the 2012 air war. If candidates for president and Congress take full advantage of an obscure law enabling them to demand equal airtime, stations may have to start bumping commercial advertisers on an epidemic scale. Democrats in particular, from President Barack Obama's campaign to vulnerable Senate incumbents and promising House challengers, may aggressively press stations for equal time to counter the GOP's widely anticipated, outside-group-fueled dominance on the air. Some savvy broadcasters have seen this coming within their own markets, and many media buyers may have been promised choice make-goods by certain stations already. Here's why widespread bumping could be in store: Under U.S. communications law, federal office-seekers have a right to "reasonable access" to advertising opportunities, a little bonus Congress carved out for itself and for candidates for president ...


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