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More rules to help your team deliver difficult messages
Steven Gaffney -- Honesty Expert Steven Gaffney -- Honesty Expert
Fairfax, VA
Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Mitchell Here are this week's rules to focus on:

1. Eliminate the "gotcha" effect. Share the information fully. Don't give anyone the chance to play "gotcha" and claim you did not share something. History teaches us that people eventually find out the truth — and this happens even more quickly in today's technologically connected world. To eliminate the "gotcha" effect, use a solution I call the three Buckets of Communication. It's a technique that gives clarity to communication and allows you to be upfront about what cannot be said. In Bucket 1 is everything we know, in Bucket 2 is everything we don't know, and in Bucket 3 is everything that cannot be said. People understand that some things cannot be shared, and they respect those who are upfront about that.

2. Stop the spin   Most people prefer others to speak the truth rather than to spin the truth. Don't downplay the gravity of the situation. If any- thing, err on the side of being more upset than the situation may warrant. Of course, you want to project a calm confidence, but some leaders don't show enough compassion and under- standing for how bad the situation may be. They think that if they put a happy face on it, others will follow. That doesn't work and usually backfires. Just be honest.

3. Keep the communication waters clear. Distinguish facts from opinions, conjecture, and conclusions. By speaking clearly about what is known versus not known, you are encouraging people to focus on facts.

If someone tries to suck you into a conversation about personal opinions, thoughts, and philosophy, just respond, "I have many opinions about many things, but here is what we know and here is what we are going to do." After all, you want your team and your organization to focus 100 percent of their energy and attention on finding solutions and moving forward.


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