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Meet Gallery Books Press
Sharrye Schlerf  ---  Gallery Books Press Sharrye Schlerf --- Gallery Books Press
Richmond, VA
Thursday, September 17, 2020

Gallery Books Press: be enlightened

Introducing Gallery Books Press, brain child of Sharon Schlerf ( pen name Sharrye Schlerf ) author, chaplain and entrepreneur.

Always a writer from collegiate days through business endeavors that led to becoming a chaplain and launch of her "Journeys Beyond the Darkness" book series including the popular Blow the Trumpets, Loudly!  in 1995. Published and sold nationwide (now continuing in e-book & print on demand). With substantial radio, television interviews, and commercial promotions, experienced in promotional media, Sharrye Schlerf hosted her own Maryland local radio & television cable broadcasts teaching spiritual principles, based on continuing her studies and achieving  a B.A. Biblical Studies & Counseling degree from Trinity Seminary.

The book series, based on true stories, written as spiritual fantasy thrillers, its subject matter & popularity caught national and international recognition, naming the chaplain as an expert in cult topics, adolescent violence, and school violence that included various media appearances on radio and network TV.

Sharrye has assisted families and community members with her non-fiction "Ending Adolescent Violence" A Guide for Schools, Communities and Churches, publication in print from 1996 to 2002, and was also a Presidential appointee to a post 9/11 Trauma Committee.

Her long awaited upcoming novel "Direction in an Age of Confusion"  ( 20 years of Prophecy Fulfilled ) is an exhaustive work that actually began in 1998 with intuitive premonition that studies and analyzes historical timeline patterns of societal turbulence.

This riveting work will be available by chapter segment subscription only at Gallery Books Press, and will be an ongoing topic at Zoom book club author forums. The first forum is scheduled for October 19th.  Register online at Gallery Books Press.

Revenues fund the Lighthouse Beacon Church Beacon Institute Foundation missions, a ministry founded in 2012 with husband Michael Newcomb.

Chaplain Sharrye is also proficient at blogs providing much encouraging inspiration amid these challenging COVID days, including a soul-seeking multi-segment work entitled: "It Doesn't Have to be This Way".


So  much has happened...Our nation, and the world, are experiencing for many – a crisis of faith. Questions of who's to blame for the Coronavirus? How many people will be affected by illness, death, financial hardship, conflict within community, politics, and even division and distance of social personal contact, that isolates instead of coming together?

Does it have to be this way? 
In the physical, necessary for the containment of a virus (which will also help curtail the flu that has resulted in illness and death tolling hundreds of thousands since last Fall).

Does it have to be this way mentally? 
Courage to Change 'our thinking', is based on 'choices', wisdom, timing, and action appropriate to our personal and community experience.

Does it have to be this way spiritually? 
We can express a positive active force of showing or manifesting, or bringing to light, a deeper sense of faith, sharing and encouraging others, through unity, rather than division. The choices are clear, be part of the solution, so it doesn't have to continue this way.
Now faced with additional conditions well beyond our own control with these COVID days.

There is a way, properly applied, to lift us out of the community of people who fear and worry, into the faith and hope community: Courage to Change 'your thinking'. Build a healthy relationship with yourself, and build the health of your family, instead of being a human organism going to pieces, become a whole person in total wellness of body, soul (mind/emotions), and spirit, strengthening core resiliency, with a steadfast resolve to overcome new challenges amid this New Normal.
The choices are clear, be part of the solution, so it doesn't have to continue this way.

Stay tuned for more excerpts, plus a new video series: "Total Wellness in Times of Trouble".

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Dateline: Williamsburg, VA United States
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