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Manifest Marriage - Be Married Before Valentine’s Day 2011
Jackie Lapin  -- Conscious Media Relations Jackie Lapin -- Conscious Media Relations
Agoura Hills, CA
Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lucky Lovers

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Be Married Before Valentine's Day 2011 if This Miracle Pairing

Does For You What It Did for Couples Nationwid

Has marriage eluded you? Are you still searching for your soul-mate?

Like you, Katherine Lerner wanted to get married but could never find Mr. Right even as she approached her mid-40s. Lerner was a proponent of the power of positive belief, so a friend gave her a figurine that would help Lerner focus on and remind her of her dream. Very shortly thereafter, Lerner met her perfect partner and married him. Then she shared the same technique with her sister-in-law, her sister and many, many others who soon found themselves at the altar. What was that figurine? A special bride-and-groom cake topper that Lerner ultimately redesigned and began marketing as the "Lucky Lovers ™."

Lerner is now partnering with Marilyn Jenett, one of the world's most successful mentors in prosperity and attraction mindset, in a remarkable Manifest Marriage Audio Program With Lucky Lovers Charm for people who are tired of waiting for a mate and are ready to make it happen.

"The reason that Katherine, her friends and her Lucky Lovers clients have had success is because the cake topper creates the subconscious expectation of marital bliss and they are reminded daily to focus with intention on their forthcoming partner, the wedding and the lovely figurine atop their cake," says Jenett. "These are a few of the exact principles I've been teaching people for many years to help them double and triple their income. Now I'm making available all of the key knowledge for finding a mate and ensuring the fastest results. With this Manifest Marriage Audio Program With Lucky Lovers Charm, we give singles longing for marital bliss the simple formula for correctly applying their mental powers to attract a mate—and with it they get their very own Lucky Lovers statuette. With diligent application, they may well be celebrating Valentine's Day with their husband or wife!"

The Manifest Marriage Audio explains:
  • The basis of mental and spiritual laws and why the cake topper works.
  • Why "affirming" for marriage may not bring results.
  • Why one should not try to find the right partner. In fact, trying will never get you there.
  • Why your friends, relatives, the personals, dating sites and activities are NOT your source of introductions.
  • The words that people habitually use that are preventing them from attracting a mate.
  • How to overcome subconscious resistance to fulfilling your dream.
  • The "single" most immediate thing you can do - right now - to begin magnetizing your ideal marriage partner.

    Notes Jenett: "The subconscious resistance to change is the reason we do not attract many of the things we desire most. This program helps people overcome the way they are unconsciously sabotaging themselves and their marriage dreams."

    Jenett has become a world leading expert on the prosperity principles that help people to overcome and triumph personally and professionally. For more than 20 years, she owned a renowned special event location and production company and was highly respected in her industry. Her small one-woman company attracted the world's largest corporate clients without advertising, marketing or calling - only by using those simplified prosperity techniques. Today, her Feel Free to Prosper Programs are acclaimed by thousands of clients around the world, who have testified to their effectiveness. (www.feelfreetoprosper.com)

    The Manifest Marriage Audio Program With Lucky Lovers Charm is available for $97 at http://www.feelfreetoprosper.com/Manifest-Marriage.html


What They're Saying About

the Manifest Marriage Audio Program With Lucky Lovers Charm

…Amazing. So concise and to the point. I love the fact that she gave practical tools that people can grasp and put to use right away. NO b.s. --Wendy Knecht, Studio City, CA

… Marilyn's recent Manifest Marriage Program is… tremendous. I will take the opportunity to listen to it again and again. --Gordon Henderson, Alberta, Canada

I recognize great teachers and practitioners of mental and spiritual laws when I see them, and Marilyn is definitely awesome! -- Judy Katz, Albuquerque, NM

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