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Dateline: Washington, DC
Thursday, November 18, 2021



My name is Rahaan Jackson. I am a Washington, D.C. native who, by the grace and power of magic, overcame a series of obstacles along a journey to success in both magic and life.

Growing up, I struggled with dyslexia. This made easy tasks a little harder, and short tasks a little longer. Learning and retaining information has always been a challenge for me—and early on, I was labeled as an “at-risk” youth.

But I learned to refuse to let other people define me.

At age 7, I began learning sleight of hand with cards and coins. I struggled to focus in school, but found a unending passion in the art of magic. Rather than roam the danger-filled streets of Southeast D.C., I stayed inside where I felt safe . . . . spending thousands of hours mastering the craft of magic.

I will never forget one of my early audiences—Grandma—telling me my magic was truly amazing . . . . She said it made her feel proud.

Soon, embraced by the local magic community, I could often be found sitting in the corner of local magic shops devouring knowledge from every book I could find. The world of magic became an escape—a secret pathway to a happier life.

Today, I am proud to be a staple in the magic community and nothing gives me more joy than helping others who are struggling to find their own footing. I perform regularly at Washington’s Local 16—where I am honored to meet and amaze many of D.C.’s elite and celebrities (including recently one of my favorite comedians, Tiffany Haddish!).

I provide entertainment at private and corporate events, and am a featured performer at the acclaimed “Washington Magic.” And I was recently Awarded “2021 Close Up Magician of the Year” from DC Festival of Magic.

For me, life is a magical journey. And magic not only saved me, but helps me now give joy to others . . . and maybe even help a few young “Rahaan Jacksons” find their own footing in life.

Rahaan J Jackson 202.826.5567

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