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Life-Skills Training for Second Chance
Sylvia Henderson - Interpersonal Skills Expert Sylvia Henderson - Interpersonal Skills Expert
Baltimore , MD
Thursday, April 29, 2010

Second Chance, Inc.
Sylvia Henderson, CEO of Springboard Training, has been selected to conduct a ten-session life skills training program for Second Chance, Inc. in Baltimore, MD.

Second Chance, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that gives old buildings new life. They work with local and regional architects, builders and contractors to deconstruct old buildings which are entering the demolition phase. The non-profit simultaneously works with low-income residents and ex-prisoners of Baltimore to train them in a wide variety of skill sets, ranging from carpentry to craftsmanship. Through the use of public and private funds, they teach workers to safely deconstruct buildings without damaging their historic elements. Workers become self-supporting members of the community with new skill sets. Second Chance believes that second chances are not just for buildings; they are for people, too.

Sylvia will faciliate the ten-session life skills program based on Springboard Training's "Pathways to Positioning" model for success. The model presents four interpersonal skills and professional performance pathways that position people for success in getting interviews, jobs, promotions, or business. Workers-in-training at Second Chance, Inc. receive their job-specific skills training from the staff at the non-profit. They receive their life skills training from Sylvia.

Sylvia Henderson and Springboard Training were recommended and referred by the Baltimore Mayor's Office of Economic Development (MOED). Workforce development training includes the life skills needed for success - in the workplace and in life. Sylvia helps people show they are as great as they say they are. Life skills are a component of her interpersonal skills expertise.

For more information about Sylvia's "Pathways to Positioning" program; to access free and fee-based interpersonal skills resources, and to bring Sylvia to your organization or interview her, go to SpringboardTraining.com.

Sylvia Henderson
Chief Everything Officer (CEO)
Springboard Training
Olney, MD