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Kids making connections through Science and Art-help more kids have an enriching summer now
Bo Lebo -- NEO,Inc. -- Literacy Matters Bo Lebo -- NEO,Inc. -- Literacy Matters
Los Angeles , CA
Saturday, June 09, 2018

Aerosols are tiny particles impacting how well we can breathe (Breathe California educates children)
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As a new classroom setting, bringing the outdoors inside, pizza and habit will win every time, however there is a body of research supporting stretching young minds and immersing them in new contexts and vocabulary.  Combining stories with the GLOBE characters (Anita and Dennis) and with real scientific skills is not different that the "Science through Stories" approach pursued by CCEA in Northern Ireland. 

However the cell phone tools can now connect paper science journals to multimedia activities such as a blog, pen pals, and even cross continental collaboration.  It may still stay this summer in development or perhaps students will make something out of their exploration that links their discovery to group portfolios.


Kids First So Cal kids have had the benefit of trying both, reading "Anything's Possible!", exploring "What's up with the Atmosphere- Exploring the Colors of the Sky" working with a science journal and pursuing new habits that encourage reading, writing, recording, speaking, reporting and asking questions or asking for help as teams or with their aides. 


Watch for more from Bo and STEM for little kids, from the Kids First So Cal students and dialogues about what could be done with Skywatcher.tv this summer.  It may still be up in the air in coursework experimentation…however there is still something in process and it's just in time for new conversations with teachers, parents, and caregivers of how to make a difference in academic 2018-2019 with what results.


Media experiences such as the Kindness Videos at Gault Elementary School  can reach kids with making sense out of relevant and rigorous content.


No matter the commencing bias, media literacy and IT together seem to simplify and expand beyond the concepts of  traditional classrooms.


The distraction of staying within the lines and making personal sense is not unlike the lead character in Ava Du Vernay's "Wrinkle in Time" (Journey North/ http://www.medialit.org/media-literacy-and-science).  This kind of work is just that, a new alternative that uses guidelines from the National Science Foundation and cognitive researchers.  It is supported by new standards, guidelines and IT tools to give students a hands-on approach to future careers that are nontraditional for girls or outside the box of usual job prospects. 

Working with STEM can build Academic English vocabulary and apply alternatives to cultural bias.  Everyone in a sense is "giving up on their darlings"…letting go of keeping science at a distance and of quarantining words and putting them off limits. It stretches the capacity of young minds with sophisticated and challenging data sets and conclusions.  It encourages children to envision an outcome and test for its viability.


Whether Science or Art, children are now mixing up with ideas, measurements, questions that will determine their understanding of the world around them and impact not just their community, but the neighborhood connected by telephony, books, and curiosity.  It will be exciting to see where kids in Kids First of So Cal take their connections, make STEM meaning this summer.  There are still seats available call (818)-517-3651 and ask for Lynda Reichbach, call this week.


KidsFirst So Cal is seeking donors to underwrite scholarships for Summer or this Fall for children that have fallen between funding gaps….you can underwrite a child's bright future email Lynda@kidsfirst.la   Write your check to New Education Options, Inc. for Kids First So Cal scholarship tax exempt gift.


Making connections makes sense.




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