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"Khalifah Lives on the Moon and Than on the Earth," Author Reflects How Lunar Landscape Supports Biblical Descriptions
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Author Shows How Lunar Landscape Supports Biblical Descriptions

WASHINGTON DC, UNITED STATES, November 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Author and visionary Manzili Shocker asks, "What do you see when you look up at the moon?" For him, the images of Africa, the motherland of the human race, and of symbols found in Revelations are clearly visible. So visible, in fact, that he has sketched them out and posted them online.

"These images are evidence that God's word is not just written in the Bible but it is also reflected in the universe around us," said Shocker. "This is a new idea, one that can lift the spirits and morale and touch the conscious of all the people on Earth.

Shockers' sketches point out highlight figures in Revelations chapter 4 verse 6 thru 8 in the Bible, including the angel face like a mans’, the angel face like a lion, and angel-like a baby ox, and angel-like a flying eagle. This is also the vision that the Prophet Ezekiel had seen doing His time on Earth. "People are very surprised when I point this out," said Shocker. "I took my sketches to NASA, and they were surprised at what I saw in my moon photographs."

The images reinforce the Bible's message of hope, Shocker said, one that applies to all mankind. "I know for a fact that a Higher Power created these moon images for the moon images for the world to embrace."

Shocker has written a book, "Khalifah Lives on the Moon and Than on the Earth: The Untold History of Africa and Africans on the Planet Earth and the Planet Moon," that describes his findings. He has also posted his images, with sketches overlaying the landscape of the lunar surface, online. He has also created a video on YouTube that unveils a superhero for children based on his discoveries.

"I have found that it is difficult to get people to take the time to look at my sketches, but, once they do, their eyes are opened," said Shocker." The veil has been removed from our eyes, and minds and the message is there for all to see."

About The Amazing Signs
Based on his findings, Amazing Signs Founder Manzili Shocker has created a line of artwork including, t-shirts, CDs, poster designs, a book, videos, and dolls to showcase his Moon-based images.

For more information, please visit: https://spiritual-educational-economical-universal-system-inc.ueniweb.com

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