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Is Your Team Ready to Succeed in a Hybrid Workplace?
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Wednesday, September 15, 2021


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In order for your hybrid team to succeed, individual hybrid team members must have the skills to succeed.  The old cliché that the chain is only as strong as the weakest link definitely applies here.  Recently I wrote a post on the Remote Leadership Institute Blog about determining what those skills might be across your team.

That process will help you get at specific, but let’s talk about some skills that will likely make that list or might help you jumpstart your thinking about the ultimate success of your hybrid team members.

Some Needed Skills

  • Be proactive. When you aren’t working in physical proximity to others and your boss every day, it is important to build the skill, willingness and confidence to ask questions, share ideas, and bring your best self to work.
  • Think beyond their own work. When team members see themselves and their role as more than their to-do list they become committed, engaged teammates.
  • Be accountable to others and the team. Accountability is, at its core, ownership.  There are needed skills and a perspective needed in order for people to act in accountable ways.
  • Build trust. There are skills that can help people build trust, and in a hybrid workplace more trust is needed than ever before.
  • Build relationships. When people understand the importance of relationships at work and have the needed skills, the likelihood of cliques forming on hybrid teams (a real risk I wrote about ) can be reduced. 
  • Be flexible and adaptable.  Do I even need to comment about this one?  How flexible, adaptable, and resilient are your hybrid team members? What more do they need in this area?
  • Create greater productivity. Increasing actual productivity is always valuable.  Having the ability to do it with different types of work being done in different places is critical to long term success.  

While you need to assess the specific needs of your team and individual hybrid team members, this list will likely help you think more clearly about the skills your team members will need to thrive for themselves and the organization.

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