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Interscan Continues To Build Out Its Popular Tech Center
Michael D. Shaw -- Expert in Health Care and Environmental Affairs Michael D. Shaw -- Expert in Health Care and Environmental Affairs
Washington , DC
Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Essential Background Info Now Provided On All Gases Detected By Company's Instruments

Interscan Corporation's website has long been recognized as one of the most comprehensive in the gas detection industry. While most companies provide product descriptions and how-to-order details, Interscan—from the beginning—has also included copious material on applications engineering; related standards and practices; and hard-to-find units conversion formulae.

According to Rose Stransky, longtime Interscan sales engineer, "So often when people call us, one of the first things they mention is the sheer amount of detailed information they find on our website. In many cases, articles posted to our Gas Detection Knowledge Base are based on tech inquiries that have come in over the years."

The website's newest feature is called "More on the gases we detect." Under each individual gas entry, you will find…

  • How these gases are used in industry
  • Where they might be encountered
  • Occupational health and regulatory information
  • Links to the Interscan product pages, for the particular gas

Grant McClure, Interscan's manager of special projects, adds this observation: "We do try to keep things interesting, and give you more than just plain, dry facts. For example, did you know that ethylene was once used as an anesthetic agent? Or that chlorine as used as a chemical warfare agent in World War I? Or that the use of chlorine for water purification is considered by many authorities to be the greatest benefit that science has ever (and, indeed may ever) provide to humanity?"

"We launched the website in 1996, and if there is a theme for its 20th anniversary it is simply this: Practical, useful, easily accessible content," says Interscan service manager Sharon Zirkelbach.

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Michael D. Shaw
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Interscan Corporation
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