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Inciting American Violence
Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Empire and Climate Expert Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Empire and Climate Expert
Madison , WI
Monday, August 12, 2019



Thanks to the work of "Morning Joe" and the "Washington Post" the latest mass murder cases make a case for liability against the President like the skinhead murder of Mulugeta Seraw in Portland Oregon November 13, 1988 that later bankrupted a skinhead group called the White Aryan Resistance (WAR).  The courts found them liable for encouraging their members to commit racial murder, and $18 million was awarded to the plaintiffs.

Mass Murder in El Paso Texas

The statement (posted by the murderer of 22) on a racist website (HChan) talks about the invasion of Mexicans into America, and El Paso has an 85% Hispanic community.  So driving over 700 miles to the El Paso Walmart made sense to the Trump supporter from McAllen Texas.  Invasion was mentioned on 2000 of 10,000 Facebook ads by the Trump campaign in the first seven months of 2019, and $1.25 million was spent on immigration themed ads since March 2019.  Trump and his rally audience laughed recently when an audience member said "Shoot them" when Trump asked rhetorically what to do about these immigrants.  One 2018 caravan of 20,000 individuals dwindled down to a few hundred by the time it reached the border, but this was threat enough for a major theme of the 2018 campaign for congress last Fall.  Trump and Fox News worked together to exaggerate and lie about this alleged threat to America, even calling El Paso a high crime city when in fact they are a low crime city.  The Trump campaign started in 2015 claiming immigrants were rapists and murderers and repeatedly returned to this and related themes for the entire four years since then.  Opinion polls show most Americans (51% to 46%) believe Trump to be a racist.

Washington Post

An article in the Post showed that while hate crimes are up 17% overall under Trump, the average increase in communities that held a Trump rally in 2016 was about 223% after the rally compared to before the rally.   Mass murders are at a record pace this year with already 252 murders of four or more.  Most of these qualify for the domestic terrorism definition in legal textbooks, while no law has passed similar to the law about international terrorism.  White nationalist terrorism deaths exceed international terrorism deaths in America these days according to the current FBI director, but may be four times as many according to former acting director Andrew McCabe in his new book.  Another account says domestic terrorism exceeded foreign terrorism against Americans in the nineties before 9-11-01 and has returned to that dominance lately.

Moscow Mitch

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky has been dubbed "Moscow Mitch" by Morning Joe for sitting on two bills inspired by the Russian activity in American elections as reported in the Mueller Report.  One bill would require paper ballots in American elections to protect against internet intrusions and the other would require campaigns to report foreign involvement in our elections.  Mitch gets lots of money from gun manufacturers and election machine manufacturers, so he blocks bills for reforms in both areas, as well as protecting Trump.  In fact, despite frequent Republican calls to divert 90% approval action on gun sales background check loopholes by referring to mental illness as the explanation for mass murderers, the first bill to pass congress and be signed into law by Trump and congressional Republicans actually reversed Obama action to stop gun sales to the mentally ill, foreigners, and those on the terrorist watch list.  And most mass murderers are motivated by hate not mental illness, according to research on the issue.  M.D. Steven Mills of the University of Minnesota has found in his research that members of households with guns in them are five times more likely to die of gun death than members of households without guns.  So owning guns does more to endanger yourself and those you love than it does to protect those in one's household.  Thom Hartmann found in his new book that the constitutional protection for owning firearms was mostly to allow fugitive slave patrols to operate in early America.  Scalia found an obscure reason to extend the gun provision beyond "well-regulated militias" to individuals in a 1987 (circa) Supreme Court decision. 


The Russians used the non-disclosure laws and the NRA to funnel tens of millions of dollars into the Trump campaign.  Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort delivered 75 pages of Trump campaign information including the targeting of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania to the Russians in August 2016.  He did so in the first-floor restaurant of the 666 5th Avenue building owned by Trump son in law and aide Jared Kushner.  The three people who attended this collusion meeting each left by separate doors when the meeting ended.  Russian Facebook sites were involved in about 3500 instances of disinformation spread during that campaign, many that went viral and were simultaneously released on both campaign and Russian sites.  They were so successful that, for instance, 46% of Republican voters actually believed the fake news story about Hillary Clinton running a sex ring out of a DC pizza parlor.  This story lead to an assault on the pizza parlor by one of Trump's deranged followers, just the kind of thing that happened in Germany and Italy just before World War II.  Stories like these about brown-shirt goons were in John Kennedy's bestselling book "While England Slept" in 1940, despite father and American Ambassador Joe Kennedy's position in favor of Chamberlain's Munich policy in 1938, when the defensive mountain positions in Czechoslovakia were conceded to Hitler.  Collusion continues with every private meeting between Putin and Trump, especially the Helsinki statement where Trump shows he trusts Putin over his own 17 intelligence agencies.  Later the Mueller investigation indicted 34 Russian hackers and organizations.

Empire Story

These and many other modern corruptions of the American system of government result from the basic corruption trend of the economy, politics, and social structure of America as the hold on America has increased from the high level of militarization in America ever since World War II.  This is the story of how empires crumble becoming ever more dictatorial over time, directly correlated to levels of military spending.

Additional information about Military Economic Corruption:


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