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IPI Honors Major Construction Projects That Partner for Success
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Livermore , CA
Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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The International Partnering Institute (IPI) will host two upcoming events on the West Coast: the Partnering Awards Ceremony on May 19th at the San Francisco Airport Aviation Museum and a Collaborative Construction Roundtable on June 2nd Caltrans D-7 Headquarters in Los Angeles. Details for each event are below.

Members of the non-profit International Partnering Institute (IPI)* are committed to changing the construction industry culture from adversarial to collaborative. IPI held its first Mega Programs Collaborative Roundtable in Washington, DC at the Smithsonian on April 4, 2011. Now IPI invites construction industry professionals to attend these two major events on the West Coast. Go to the IPI website for information and to register: www.PartneringInstitute.org. For more information on the events go to the website, contact IPI Executive Director Rob Reaugh at (925) 487-2404 or email IPI at RobReaugh@PartneringInstitute.org.

What: International Partnering Institute (IPI) 2011 Partnering Awards Ceremony

When: May 19th at 3pm until 6pm

Where: San Francisco Airport Aviation Museum

Cost & Registration: $25.00 (See IPI website to register www.PartneringInstitute.org)

Larry Anderson, P.E., M.ASCE and Brian Polkinghorn, Ph.D., will be the featured speakers at the 2011 IPI Awards Ceremony on May 19, 2011. Their pioneering study, "Efficacy of Partnering on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Project: Empirical Evidence of Collaborative Problem-Solving Benefits" examined the partnering rating data collected during eight-plus years of partnered construction contracts on the award-winning bridge project.

IPI will recognize construction projects—and project teams—that exemplify the bottom line benefits of partnering to create strong collaborative relationships on major construction projects. Winners of the 2011 IPI Awards include: Ghilotti Bros, Inc. (Partnering Champion), City of Walnut Creek, and Caltrans CCPSC (Strategic Partnering Award).

A second event for Mega-Projects (multi-billlion dollar construction projects):

What: Los Angeles Mega-Programs Collaborative Roundtable

When: Thursday, June 2nd, 2011 from 10am until 3pm (box lunches will be available)

Where: Caltrans D-7 Headquarters Office, 100 S. Main St., Los Angeles

Registration: See Website to register www.PartneringInstitute.org

This roundtable will discuss how to incorporate partnering strategies to improve construction project outcomes. Mega-Program owners are especially encouraged to attend. IPI believes partnering must start at the top of an organization with "owners" driving the collaborative culture in construction.

Come and add your voice with those who attended the International Partnering Institute (IPI) MPCR in Washington, DC in April. You may be included in the MPCR Collaboration Best Practices Guide.

For more information about International Partnering Institute (IPI), the annual partnering awards—and IPI membership—visit www.PartneringInstitute.org or contact the International Partnering Institute at (925) 447-9100 to register.

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* Board members of the International Partnering Institute (IPI) include:

John L. Martin, Chairman, IPI; Director, San Francisco International Airport

Larry Eisenberg, Executive Director, LACCD (Los Angeles Community College District)

John Franich, Vice President & Group 3 Manager, Granite Construction

Stephen George, Director Physical Plant, Connecticut College

Michael Ghilotti, President, Ghilotti Bros., Inc.

Dan Himick, President, C.C. Myers, Inc.

Mike Kolakowski, President, KBE Building Corporation

Mark Leja, Chief, Division of Construction, Caltrans

Guy Mehula, Vice President, Buildings Div. Mgr, Parsons Corporations

Stuart Seiden, Capital Projects, County of Fresno

Todd Sutton, Sr. Vice President No. California, Skanska USA

David Thorman, California State Architect

Curt Weltz, President, Flatiron

Sue Dyer, CEO, IPI; President, OrgMetrics

IPI is a non-profit corporation that seeks out partnering concepts and techniques that develop high trust relationships and organizational cultures for optimum delivery of construction projects. IPI seeks to produce methods where it is "predictable" that projects are completed on schedule and within budget. IPI provides education, certification, and forums that showcase projects that have achieved excellence and fosters the exchange of ideas across the owner—builder platform.

According to Sue Dyer, IPI CEO and Founder, "The construction industry has traditionally been adversarial in its approach to project delivery. Our aim is to shift the behavior toward acting like 'partners' on a project." Construction is the only industry that has over the past forty years continued to go down in productivity points, and we need a new model." Dyer has been working in the construction industry for over 30 years and has seen major attitude shifts recently—especially on major construction projects like the recent expansion of the San Francisco Airport. The International Partnering Institute (IPI) is a realization of her vision that working together can be the new paradigm for the future.

To see a videos of IPI Board Member and SFO Director John Martin or IPI CEO Sue Dyer, visit the IPI website at www.PartneringInstitute.org.

Barbara Santos
Board Member
International Partnering Institute
Livermore, CA
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