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How to Make the Most of Your Amazon Author Page
Nina Amir - Nonfiction Writing, Blogging, Publishing Consultant Nina Amir - Nonfiction Writing, Blogging, Publishing Consultant
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Wednesday, July 1, 2020


How to set up an Amazon Author page

No matter how you publish your book, it will (or should) be listed on Amazon. In conjunction with your book’s sales page, you also should have an Amazon Author page. But many writers don’t know how to make the most of this promotional opportunity. In this post, Jay Artale (@BirdsOAFpress), a digital nomad and full-time writer and blogger, shares her tips on optimizing your Author Page…and challenges you to do so this month.

Amazon is the biggest online ebook retailer. With around 70 percent market share, its the obvious destination for finding authors. But too many authors dont bother to set up or maintain an Amazon Author page.

When you create this free page, you make it easy for your readers to connect with you. Its an invaluable online space to showcase yourself, your books, and your brand.

Yes, you want to sell books, but your Amazon Author page can be used for so much more. It can help you build your mailing list, turn readers into fans, and create an awareness of the products and services you offer.

July Nonfiction Writer’s Challenge

To complete this months nonfiction writers challenge, set up your Amazon Author page to establish a direct line of communication with your readers.

The challenge has three parts. Complete all three, and you claim this powerful promotion tool and make it work for you.

Part 1: Set Up Your Amazon Author Page

Here are the Author Central links to set up your Amazon Author pages around the world. Your author pages can be set up in the following five countries.

If you dont want to set up five separate Author Central accounts, you should, at a bare minimum, set up a .com and .co.uk account to capture the English speaking market. Other territories either dont have author pages or pull information from one of these territories.

Part 2: Claim your Books

Once youve set up your Amazon Author Central account, claim your books so they show up on your author page. Add books by searching for the title or your author name. Only one edition of each work is shown on your Author Page. Youll need to claim each edition (ebook, paperback, and audiobook) to connected it to your name and Author Page.

Part 3: Upload Your Author Page Content

As humans, were notorious for underselling ourselves, but your author page isnt the place to be modest. Its your opportunity to showcase your expertise and experience.

Upload Your Author Photo

Humans judge each other within seconds, and your bio picture will generate a variety of snap judgments from visitors. So put some thought into choosing a headshot. Dont just upload a random image.

Use the same photo on your Amazon Author Page as you have done in your books, on your website, and your social media. This consistency of image creates an instant recognition factor for your target audience.

Repurposing Your Author Bio

Theres no need to start from scratch when it comes to your author bio. Just leverage the author bio youve already written for your author website or book.

Third-person is the ideal point of view to use. It is a great way to distance yourself from your bio, which makes it easier to extol the virtues that establish you as an expert in your nonfiction niche.

You want harmony between your books and your bio, so dont write a funny or amusing bio if your books dont have an element of that same writing style. I like to think of an author bio as an amuse-bouche, a quick taste that gives your readers an idea of what writing style they can expect from your books.

Your bio is an opportunity to sell yourself. However, dont forget to integrate your books keywords as seamlessly and organically as possible.

Incorporate a Call to Action

Dont miss the opportunity to create a direct connection with your reader by encouraging them with a call to action in your bio. You can direct them to your website or email sign-up form and offer a free download, complimentary consulting services, an informative monthly newsletter, or access to your beta readers group. Whatever your call to action, include a short paragraph detailing your intent. (The URLs in your Amazon page arent clickable, but a reader can easier cut and paste them into a browser.)

If you want to track how much traction these links get, create a short link with bit.ly. Then, anytime a reader responds to your call to action and clicks on the link, you can measure your bio’s effectiveness. If youre not getting any clicks, then maybe its time to tweak your bio.

Take a look at these resource articles, which have tips for creating a compelling bio:

Adding Author Updates

Photos and videos can be added to your author page. This feature provides an opportunity to share interviews, book trailers, appearances, promotional content about your products or services, or a video version of your biography. There is a benefit to doing so on the US Amazon platform, which allows you to attach multiple blog feeds. That means each of your blog posts shows up on your author page.

Updating Your Bio

Your biography is a piece of silver that needs to be taken out and polished periodically. As you achieve more writing accolades, write more books, or change your views and perspectives, tweak, include, or exclude the different aspects in your author bio. Dont let it become stale or tarnished. Make sure your bio evolves and keeps pace with your author journey.

Your Amazon Author Page is a calling card to help you reach your business goals. You can use it as a passive self-promotion tool that works to establish connections and attract new readers even when youre sleeping.

Do you have any additional tips for making the most of an Amazon Author page? If so, please share in a comment below. And don’t forget to share this post with another nonfiction writer.

About the Author

Jay Artale abandoned her corporate career to become a digital nomad and full-time writer. She’s an avid blogger and a nonfiction author helping travel writers and travel bloggers achieve their self-publishing goals. Join her at Birds of a Feather Press where she shares tips, advice, and inspiration to writers with an independent spirit.

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