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How to Give an Old Dream New Life
Nina Amir - Human Potential Speaker Nina Amir - Human Potential Speaker
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Monday, September 02, 2019


Dreams don't die unless you kill them. They don't get lost unless you let them go. Hold tightly to your dreams and bring them to life. Find the old dreams and make them real.I had a dream. It feels far away now… I still remember it, but it’s difficult to feel the passion and excitement I used to have each time I imagined myself realizing that dream. Did I lose it? Or is my dream still there…waiting for me to bring it to life?

How about you? Do you feel as if you’ve lost a dream somewhere along the way? Has life obscured it from view and made it tough to take action toward realizing it?

I understand. I know the feeling. Really, I do.

My Dream

I had a dream of writing life-changing books and articles. I could visualize my written work helping readers live fully and fulfill their potential and purpose.

As a writer, I set out to help others feel more connected to something bigger—call it God, the Universal Mind, or whatever you like. I was going to be a spiritual writer.

I also wanted to show readers how to step into their best selves. I was going to focus my body of work on personal growth.

Along with my article and books, I’d speak to groups—inspiring and motivating them to positive and meaningful change.

I always said I’d never retire…just continue writing and speaking until I died.

I hate to admit it—and you’d probably not know it from following me on my blog or on social media (or even meeting me), but I feel as if I lost that dream.

Yes, my work has had an impact on people’s lives, but not in the way I imagined. Mostly, I’ve written books that help writers.

And these days, I feel I need the books I was going to write as much as anyone else. I need to change in so many ways. I need to feel connected with God.

You Can’t Lose Your Dream

Yet, when I contemplate my life, need for self-improvement, and my goals, my dream taps me on the shoulder.

“Hey! I’m still here. Remember me? You’ve still got time… I’m ready!”

And I think, “Yes…I remember you! But there’s so much in the way of bringing you to life. I’ve created a business with oh-so-many moving bits and pieces. I’m busy…you know?”

“But…but…you said you wanted to write! Don’t you still want to write? You said you wanted to make a difference? Don’t you still want to do that?”

“Yes,” I slowly respond. “I did. I do.”

Dreams don’t die unless you kill them. Nor can you lose a dream unless you consciously let it go.

Like a balloon, to get rid of a dream, you have to release it…forever.

But if the balloon remains attached to your wrist, even if it’s a bit limp, or if it’s become trapped in the corner of a room, bobbing with the breeze but unable to fly away, there’s still a chance you can revive it.

Maybe it’s gotten pushed into a closet (in your mind). Open the door, turn on the light. You’ll find it there.

How to Revive a Dream

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to revive my dream. And I came up with the following shortlist of ways to do so. Maybe you, too, will find these tips helpful in finding and realizing an old-but-cherished dream of your own.

  1. Remind yourself daily that you can achieve your dream. This could mean talking to yourself in the mirror or writing affirmations or remembering when, in the past, you demonstrated the talent, skills, or expertise necessary to achieve your dream. I could make a list of all the times and places I published work related to spirituality or personal development, and then I could remind myself that I know how to do this…and can do it.
  2. Spend time on activities related to your dream. What would you need to do to realize your dream? Make a list. Start doing those things. Maybe you just do something small…to get started. For me, I could write for 15 minutes on a topic related to the books I wanted to write.
  3. Take back your power. While it might seem like realizing your dream is out of control, it’s not. You just have to take back your power. Don’t allow others or situations to dictated if and when you bring your dream to life. For me, this feels tough…but I know it’s doable. I can make excuses that editor at publications or publishing houses have to accept my articles or manuscripts, or that I just don’t have time to write. If I want to achieve my dream, however, I have to realize that it’s up to me to decide what I will write and publish. After all, I can publish an article here, on my blog, or I can self-publish a book.
  4. Give yourself permission. Along with taking back your power, you have to give yourself permission to take action toward your dream. You can’t wait for someone else to do this; it’s up to you. In my case, I have to give myself permission to write about what I want and to publish that work. I have to give myself permission also to speak up for my dream—to tell others I plan to bring it to life now…not later.
  5. Keep your dream forefront in your mind. Your dream only feels lost or dead because you don’t think about it or visualize it. I know the power of creative visualization and the Law of Attraction. Yes, you need to take action to “manifest” something, but if you allow a picture of your dream realized to run through your mind in vivid color and with tons of emotion on a daily basis–and if you take action toward that vision—you will be more likely to make that dream real. I’ll be spending time every morning during my meditation period visualizing myself writing with the passion and commitment I used to feel and seeing my work in readers hands. I’ll be imaging what it will be like to know that my words have made a positive and meaningful difference in these people’s lives.

Will You Bring Your Dream to Life?

What about you? Do you have an old dream you shoved in a drawer? Are you ready to bring it out and give it life?

Remember: You have multiple chances to realize your dream but only one life during which to make that dream real.

This is your second (or third or fourth…) chance to realize your dream. Don’t miss this opportunity.

I feel time getting shorter. In 2020, I’ll turn 60. I could live a lot longer…or not. If I’m going to realize my dream, I better get moving. I’m going to seize the moment and get started.

What’s the dream you all but forgot, and how will you begin making it real? Tell me in a comment below. (And if you enjoyed this post, please share it with others.)

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