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How Committed Are You In 2018 Or Ever To Having Love In Your Life?
Michael J. Herman --Motivation Attitude Sales Billionaire Interviews Michael J. Herman --Motivation Attitude Sales Billionaire Interviews
Burbank , CA
Sunday, December 31, 2017


How Committed Are You In 2018 Or Ever To Having Love In Your Life?

New Book Reveals Most Powerful Ways to Attract and Sustain Love, wealth, & Peace.

Dateline: Santa Barbara CA

Too many New Year's Resolutions aim at finding love, but miss because of all the wrong reasons. In their new book  due out 1/01/18,

Rock Solid From The Bedroom To The Boardroom:          4 Simple Steps for Co-Creating Empowered Relationships, authors Bill Poett and Dr. Laura Ciel unveil what truly brings about intimacy, breakthroughs, and ultimately peace.

The Holidays are a terrible time to be alone. Now you don't have to even feel alone.

"Everyone thinks their lives are dictated by external influences. The truth is life is designed by the relationships you create in your life" offers Poett who conducts seminars worldwide to bring people closer to their true natures.

In this new book, readers will benefit from among many results:

*Decreased moments of "losing it", and

*The tools for when you lose it to repair the damage and make the relationship stronger.


*How to easily move from blame and into empowerment.

The New Year calls on you to get true and lasting love in your life.

For more information or interviews contact:

Bill Poett  |  (805) 717-1793  |  Dr. Laura Ciel @ DrLaura@drlauraciel.com

$9.99 on Amazon, or as a FREE download @

admin@lifeadvancenow.com or www.LifeAdvanceNow.com   


DATELINE: Los Angeles CA


New book by bestselling author Michael J. Herman, creator of Becoming The Complete Champion; One Motivational Minute At a Time and 13 others is about to release book 14 set to transform the entire educational system worldwide. “What’s every student need that they’re not getting” poses Herman a radical advocate for the Disabled, “An even keel in the pursuit of their education.”

It’s no secret that Education is under more aggressive attack than ever and this is more true for disabled students everywhere. But no one is teaching college bound students with deficits how to conquer and succeed with actual real word strategies. In How To Succeed In College With A Didsability, Herman does just that.

With the release of How To Succeed In College With A Disability; An Insider’s Disability Guide To Your Diploma Herman breaks down all the barriers, reveals the secret doors, and unleashes your student’s accelerated path to college success.

  • More than 50 Ninja Tactics to dominating from Day One.
  • Interviews with leading college educators who specialize in Disabled Student Needs
  • The author’s inspiring story of success despite debilitating odds.
  • The Secrets They Don’t Want Disabled Students To Know
  • And more!

For Media Interviews please contact Dylan Rigsby at (818) 894-4610.

Michael J. Herman
President, CEO
The Motivational Minute Publishing Company
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