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How Cindy Impacted Tens of Thousands of Lives
Christine Kloser - The Transformational Author Coach Christine Kloser - The Transformational Author Coach
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Dateline: York , PA
Thursday, January 31, 2019


There’s someone I want you to meet who had a huge impact on me, and on YOU (you’ll see how in a moment)!

Her name is Dr. Cindy Brown, Author of “The Cinderella System.."

(Above is a pic of her with Neale Donald Walsch at my Freedom Formula Experience event in 2009.)

A single conversation I had with Cindy in 2007 changed the trajectory of my life… and the way I serve you.

She indirectly impacted tens of thousands of lives through that one conversation.

Think about that!

How would you feel if you impacted tens of thousands of lives with one “innocent." conversation?

Pretty amazing, huh?

Anyway, Cindy has been on my mind a lot lately…

I’ve known her since 2000 when she rented space in my yoga studio/gym to work with her therapy practice clients.

She was a member of my Network for Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Los Angeles…

We were in a Mastermind together for a couple years…

We’ve danced in Las Vegas until the sun came up!

So, I was shocked and saddened when I found out that she is struggling through a Stage 4 cancer journey.

Dr. Cindy is one of those bright shining stars in our world.

And this journey – as you can imagine – has been incredibly challenging.  Yet also filled with much love, support and healing for her and those who are touched by her life.

This news inspired me to share her story with you.


Because in 2007 after Cindy had written a chapter in one of my anthologies, she lovingly cornered me at a seminar and begged me to help her write her own book.

Now, I had been asked that question since 2004 when I started helping people write chapters for my anthologies.  And I said “no." all those years.

Until that moment with Cindy…

Call it divine intervention, synchronicity, grace, etc.  But that day she asked me, I was inspired to say “yes.."

It was one of those moments where my mouth said yes before my brain could catch up!

I had no idea how to help someone write their own book.  I only had experience helping people write one chapter!

Yet there I was,…

Not wanting to let down Cindy, I was on the hook to figure out how to help someone write and publish their own book.

This single moment with her, lead to the creation of my award-winning Get Your Book Done program which continues to serve authors today with it’s recent Version 3.0 update!

Plus, creating GYBD lead me on the journey to later create the Transformational Author Experience which has reach nearly 80,000 people to date.

And start my own publishing company for solo authors…

And facilitate seminars and events based on my own books…

And host transformational retreats in amazing places like Costa Rica, Tulum and the Bahamas.

All of this unfolded from that one seed Dr. Cindy planted more than a decade ago.

So, as I share this story with you to honor and celebrate this beautiful woman who had a profound impact on my life…

Think about the impact YOU want to have.

Impact that might come directly from your book and/or business…

Impact that might come from a seed you plant in a single conversation…

Impact that might come by the way you smile at someone you pass on the street…

Cindy has impacted in all of these ways and so many more.

May knowing a little about her inspire you to expand your own ripples of impact in the world.

Please share your thoughts and how you want to impact the world in the comments below!

I always love hearing from you!


And what I love more than reading your comments is seeing you in person!  So I’m inviting you to join me in Los Angeles February 18th…

I am hosting a women’s-only dinner in Los Angeles on February 18  for my Network for Empowering Women Entrepreneurs group.  It’s our 2nd “annual." reunion and I’ll be contributing ALL of the profits to Dr. Cindy’s fundraising campaign to help defray the costs of her health care bills.

You are invited to join us by getting a ticket here.  It’s going to be a great night of connection, community and inspiration.

Or, you can contribute directly to Dr. Cindy’s campaign here.

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