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Here's a Quick Way to Boost Cause Marketing ROI
Cause Marketing PR Venture Group (where it's all about you, your markets, and what you did about it.) Cause Marketing PR Venture Group (where it's all about you, your markets, and what you did about it.)
Kansas City , MO
Wednesday, October 11, 2017

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Now boost donations anytime with FREE eBook to jumpstart ROI.  In fact, according to the Cone Cause Evolution Study, 77% of Americans consider corporate citizenship a priority when deciding whether they want to work for a company. The same holds true for those who already have jobs: 

• 72% want their employers to increase their commitment to social causes 
• 88% say they feel very proud of their company's values if their company already supports a cause 
• 93% expect their employers to offer opportunities to become involved with social issues
And, if a company were to shun social responsibility? Here are some other results from the same study that indicate what would happen: 
• 66% would be less loyal to their jobs 
• 79% would refuse to invest in company stock 
• 85% of Americans said they would leave their jobs if they worked somewhere with negative social responsibility practices
"With feelings such as these in the market, that's why I offer my 'Speaker OneSheet - Speaker Topics' to talk about:
"**Speaking Topics** 
"**  Business Development. Leads. Sales. 
"Discover your own KPI's, and then monitor the factors to do it. Once you know the numbers, how far can you go? What's next? Boost your KPI's in about 90 Days??? 
"**   Upgrade to Your Higher Cause 
"Dream up the highest and best use of your blood, sweat and tears. Look at your opportunity costs, ROI and how to protect your investments. 
"**   Unleash Your ArtsySmarts 
"Like the beauty in flowers, art and women. There's beauty around the corner just about everywhere you look, right? Just turn what you don't want to see into what you dream to be," says Jon Paul, PR Guy of https://ShoppingMoneyPR.com
PR guy goes onto to give away a free ebook showcasing how to get about $30,000 in six months.  And, if a company needs help on how to get even more out of this free report located at: https://ShoppingMoneyPR.com/free-book/  Contact pr guy here: https://ShoppingMoneyPR.com/contact-me/ for a nominal retainer and success fee honorarium.  PR guy advises to contact him right away because he can only handle a few clients at any given time.

About ShoppingMoneyPR.com: I write Intuitive PR Venture Cause Marketing campaigns in the arts/sciences of self-fulfilling, self-sustaining, self-efficiency and "Going green" markets that help small business owners step up to the most cost-effective ways of attracting more clients and the best possible ways of keeping them buying. I also write the sales copy that helps you start, buy or geometrically grow your businesses in the nutritional supplements, personal development, talent scout curation, e-preneur and publisher niches. And, build marketing funnels that acquire new customers, get them to buy more, and get them to buy faster. I also monitor your markets to look for ways to promote your businesses to increase leads and sales. I find new profit centers, new streams of income, windfall profits, overlooked assets, hidden opportunities, under-performing distribution channels and monumentally more lucrative ways to monetize a company's current business model -- and I do it all on a pure performance basis.

Jon Paul | PR Guy
Shopping Money PR
Kansas City, MO