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Here are the headlines from News Release Wire. February 12, 2019
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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Here are the headlines from News Release Wire.
February 12, 2019
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Prison Experts -- doing a story on people going to prison, like Cohen or Mannaford.  These experts know about the experience.
Immigration Experts -- Doing a story on "The Wall" -- here are go-to experts on Immigration:
Feb 14th is the one year anniversay of the Parkland school Shooting.
Talk to Tom Nardone about Bullet Proof Vests
Death is one the big three topics: "Money, Sex & Death"  ---- Here are Death Experts, and current news releases
*A cry for improvements to Oregon?s landmark right-to-die law
This spring, Oregon legislators will debate updating and
improving the l998 OREGON DEATH WITH DIGNITY ACT, which was a landmark in its day but many think needs modifications, especially to include degenerative illnesses (now only terminal illness). 
*Interesting DEAD Talk on Death Discussion Movement
The Silver Tsunami of Baby Boomers is about the crash on the shore of mortality, and they want to talk about it. Over the past 10 years, a host of death discussion movements have sprung up around the world.
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*The Democrats Have (At Least One) Openly Anti-Semitic House Representative. Now What?
The Democratic Party's female, Muslim Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar, was openly anti-Semitic before she was elected, but her party was too busy celebrating her as a triumph of diversity to notice. And really, don't we need some diverse opinions about Jews in the House too? Shouldn't anti-Semites have representation too?
*How to Get Power of Attorney for Aging Parents
*Spotify Takes a Hard Line Against Free Listeners Who Use Ad Blockers
*What Is Author Success to You?
*Do You Go Out to Play ? Savvy Authors Do!
*Video Marketing Trends for 2019
*Coaching 101 From Summit Consulting Group, Inc. -- Alan Weiss, Ph.D.
*The Stock Market, The Economy & How They Do Not Align
Key research groups are starting to talk about their predictions for the economy, and everyone is interested. It feels like everyone is waiting for the other shoe to drop. After all, we have been in an expansion mode far longer than is typical and there is plenty of volatility and uncertainty in global trade, the U.S. Shutdown and more. Last week, I heard a research expert from City National Bank and did an informal poll of trusted advisors (CPAs, attorneys, consultants, commercial bankers etc.). The bottom line = continued growth.
*Spunky Old Broad Of The Year ? 2019
The Spunky Old Broad for 2019 is Robin Roberts. A cancer survivor, host of Good Morning America, Former ESPN host, winner of the Arthur Ashe Courage award, she epitomizes everything an S.O.B. is. Intelligence, good sense of humor, great fashion style, and fierce fighter, Robin has shown what family, causes and decency mean.
*Post-Eval Action Plan Week: Use of Stakeholder Prioritization in Evaluation Action Planning by Kellie Baxter
*Cancer Center Floats Content Marketing RFP
*Red Haute Love From Sonya Bernhardt -- The Georgetowner Newspaper
*The Top Cyber Security Threats to Real Estate Companies
Gone are the days when hackers would only target retailers. These days, the bad guys an target businesses in any industry, especially those that aren't quite up on cyber security.
The real estate industry is one such group, and according to a recent survey, about half of businesses in the real estate industry are not prepared to handle a cyberattack. Federal law requires some industries, like hospitals and banks, to have some type of security in place for things like that, but the real estate industry is quite vulnerable. Here are some of the threats you should look out for if you're in the real estate industry:
*CSR at its Best: How Top Brands are Stepping Up
This past year was full of ups and downs, but nothing stood out more than brands taking a stand and making their beliefs known. From athletic wear to retail stores, we've seen household names fighting against injustice and demanding change. Corporate social responsibility is no longer an industry buzzword; it's the reigning power of the land. 
*This Is What You Need But You Don't Actually Know It
Registering a domain name provides a business no legal protection nor with the exclusive right to use the name. In fact, using a domain name that is the same as or confusingly similar to a registered trademark constitutes trademark infringement. It is the trademark registration that provides the rights in the business name or brand, not the registration of its website address.
*Largest Individual Long-Term Care Insurance Claims Now Exceeding $2 Million
*Win a Set of Master Caster Roll-Arounds Instant Swivel Wheels
*Monday Memo: PPM Myths Debunked
*The Benefits of Seeing a Psychiatrist in Evansville, IN
*88 ? Great Video Means Great Sales: Tom talks $50K Video for pennies
These days people are turning more and more to animals for emotional support. An example I came across recently highlighted a sixty-five-year-old man whose registered emotional support animal, named Wally, likes to snuggle and give hugs, despite being a five-foot-long alligator. He received approval from his doctor to use Wally as his support animal after not wanting to go on medication for depression. 
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