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Helping You Look at The Future of Work
The Kevin Eikenberry Group The Kevin Eikenberry Group
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Indianapolis, IN
Sunday, April 4, 2021


future of workWhatever your working situation is today, it is likely different than it was a year ago. And if you are like many people, the future of work for you may not look like the present or the past. Last year, many organizations were forced to send people into remote work. However, the future will be left more to organizational and perhaps personal discretion.

Ever since the pandemic sent people into remote working situations, we at the Remote Leadership Institute have been thinking about what “re-entry” will look like. We have been consulting with and talking with organizations, leaders, and team members from around the world and thinking about these challenges for months. And I’ve been leading a hybrid team myself for nearly a decade.

With our broad perspective, it is clear to us that the future of work contains big opportunities. But it isn’t without pitfalls, either. We believe the choices made in the coming months about where and how we work will have long-lasting impacts. And we want to help.

Last spring, after the start of the pandemic, we created our first ever mini-webinar series to prepare people for working and leading remotely. Now we bring you a brand-new series to help us understand, cope with, and thrive in a new future of work.

Introducing The Future of Work Mini Webinar Series

Beginning April 13, we will present a series of four thirty-minute webinars. Each one is designed to help you and your organization think about and navigate the decisions you face in creating a future of work that will be successful for you. The series closes with a live Q&A/Fireside chat with both Wayne Turmel and me. We will answer any questions you have and help you move forward into your future of work boldly and with greater confidence.

The investment for these five sessions is just your time. A gift to you to improve the success of leaders, teams, and organizations around the world.

Here are the titles and dates of the sessions:

  • The Future of Work: Reentry Without Burning Up with Wayne Turmel – April 13
  • Team Building After COVID: Keys to Rebuilding a Hybrid Team with Wayne Turmel – April 16
  • Designing the Future of Work for Your Organization with me – April 20
  • The Biggest Decision of the Year: Understanding the Long-Term Implications of Your Future of Work Plans with me – April 27
  • The live Future of Work Q&A with Wayne and Kevin – May 4

More details about each session and your free registration can be found here.

Don’t Want to Wait?

If these challenges are pressing and you don’t want to wait until April 13th for some assistance, there is another resource. I have worked with LinkedIn Learning to create a brand-new course titled Planning for Your Hybrid Organization. This short course will help you determine:

  • If a hybrid workplace is a fit for your organization (and perhaps which hybrid model will be best for you)
  • How to make the transition from your current working arrangements to that desired future of a hybrid workplace
  • What leaders and team members need to be successful in this new hybrid workplace

Simply click here to learn how to take advantage of this online and on-demand learning experience.

Need More Help?

Perhaps you have already determined your future of work plan but know there are learning and development needs to make it work most effectively (and there are). Let us know if you would like to have a conversation about those needs. Send us an email and we will be happy to see how we can help.

The future of work may be uncertain. But the outlook can be bright if you prepare for it properly. We hope these resources will help you do exactly that.

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