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Halle Berry Girl Trek - Bruised - Charity/Film/Stream
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Dateline: Los Angeles, CA
Wednesday, November 24, 2021


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  Halle Berry Girl Trek - 
Bruised - Charity/Film/Stream   

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Academy Award-WinningActress Halle Berry to Serve as 

 2021 National RaceCaptain for GirlTrek’s Black Family 5K 






   Back for the fifth year, GirlTrek’sBlack Family 5Kencourages families  -- blood or chosen --to get out in nature and take a Thanksgiving walk or hike. The Black Family 5Kis a hallmark end-of-year celebration in the GirlTrek movement celebratingfitness, family and fun. This year, Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berrywill serve as the Black Family 5K National Race Captain.


Halle Berry "Girl Trek 5K" Trailer


     “GirlTrek is honored tohave Halle Berry join the Black Family 5K. As one of the fittest celebritiesin Hollywood, sheconstantly raises the bar for Black women’s health and wellness,” said jewelbush, GirlTrek’s Vice President of Communications and Public Relations. “She’sproof that Black women can unapologetically practice self-care, healing andthat taking care of our bodies is an obtainable lifestyle. We grew up beingmotivated by Halle Berry’s inner and outer beauty. She models our very missionto create a revolution centered on self-love by mobilizing Black womeneverywhere to put ourselves first by practicing radical self-care through themoving of our bodies and spending transformative time in the outdoors.” 


      With a career spanning three decades  (DIEANOTHER DAY, JUNGLE FEVER, LOSING ISAIAH, BULWORTH, SWORDFISH)
, Berry continues tobreak down barriers acting in a multitude of critically acclaimed, diverseroles and most recently adding the title of director to her already impressivefilmography. She is set to make her highly anticipated directorial debut in hernew film, BRUISED, in which she also stars. The plot follows a disgraced MMAfighter who must fight a rising 
MMA star, while journeying to become the mother her childdeserves. The film first debuted at the 2020 Toronto Film Festival and wasacquired by Netflix and is set to release on the streaming platform on November24, 2021.

  Halle Berry "Bruised"

        Berry has garnered praise not only for herroles on-screen, but for her philanthropic work with a range of organizationsfocusing on women and children and underserved communities. She is an activesupporter and chair member of the Jenesse Center in Los Angeles. The JenesseCenter was founded in 1980 and assists victims of domestic violence and aims tochange the pattern of abuse in the lives of women and children. She previouslypartnered with Michael Kors’ Watch Hunger Stop campaign and the United NationsWorld Food Programme to raise awareness for building a world with zero hunger.Berry has supported a vast amount of charities and organizations such as,Revlon Run/Walk, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Afghanistan Relief Organization, StandUp to Cancer, Love Our Children USA and Clothes Off Our Back and Black LivesMatter. 


     In 2020, Berry founded re•spin which is aplatform created to provide broader access to health and wellness content andproducts through inclusivity and conversation. Rooted in discovery andlearning, the heart of re•spin is its global community connected around thecore belief of a holistic mind, body, and soul approach towellness.  

WHO:   With 1.5 million membersand growing every day, GirlTrek is the largest publichealth movement and nonprofit for Black women and girls in the United States.GirlTrek inspires and supports Black women to live their healthiest, mostfulfilled lives through radical self-care and daily walking.  

WHAT: Academy Award-winningactress Halle Berry will serve as GirlTrek’s Black Family 5K National RaceCaptain.  

  WHEN:  Thanksgivingweekend: Most walks will happen on Thursday,Thanksgiving Day and others on Friday and Saturday morning. 

HOW:  Register atblackfamily5k.com. The Black Family 5Kis supported by Releasethe Pressure, a diverse coalition of health care organizations and heart healthexperts including the American Medical Association (AMA), AMA Foundation,American Heart Association, Association of Black Cardiologists, NationalMedical Association and Minority Health Institute who are dedicated topartnering with the Black community to improve heart health.  



     Hosting a Black Family 5K walk is simple andfree. Register at blackfamily5k.com to create  an official race kit for your family completewith official T-shirts, customizable race bibs, victory medals and more. Don’t let distance stop you. If your family doesn’t live near you, you canstill participate by planning a virtual Black Family 5K. Hop on a phone call, FaceTime or send pictures to the group chatwhile everyone goes for a walk.   


     Contact jewel bush, VicePresident of Communications and Public Relations, at jewel@girltrek.org to help coordinate media interviews in your media market.


About GirlTrek  

What started out as a10-week walking challenge, 10 years ago, by 2 friends (Vanessa Garrison and T.Morgan Dixon), is now GirlTrek, the largest healthmovement and nonprofit for Black women and girls in the United States.


   Girl Trek 5k Walk Promo Video

     Far more than a walking group, GirlTrek is a life-savingsisterhood. GirlTrek is a campaign to heal intergenerational trauma, fightsystemic racism and transform Black lives. As women organize walking teams,they also mobilize community members to support advocacy efforts and lead aCivil Rights-inspired health movement.  


     Today, GirlTrek has1,521,776 members, representing 9% of the total population of African Americanwomen. 


GirlTrek is free to joinand starts with taking the pledge at GirlTrek.org. 


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